Looking to move to that new lens or camera body? Camera West is here to help. We make upgrading seamless, and hassle free. Simply give us some information on the item you are looking to trade in such as it's made, model, serial number, and condition. Take some photos with your phone or camera, and write a brief description of the item. Submit it and we will get back to you!

Some items may require more information we will get back to you and help you gather that info. We do our best to be as accurate as possible without a physical inspection of the item, but due to the limitations of current technology quotes are not finalized until we receive the item and perform a physical inspection.

How does our trade In process work?

  1. Enter Your contact info below & if you plan to come into one of our stores please tell us which one.
  2. Tell us about the gear you would like to trade-in (be as detailed as you can), upload photos if you have them, and let us know what you would like to trade your gear in for.
  3. One of our appraisers will personally reach out and work on getting you an estimate on what your gear will be worth.
  4. Trade-In! Bring your gear to one of our stores or we will provide you with a shipping label (US only) to ship your items to us for final evaluation and credit.
  5. Find something new. This is the exciting part! One of our sales staff will walk you through the process of finding a new camera, lens, watch, or another piece of gear.