Why The Panasonic S5? 

→ Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless

With a shared part in the "L-Mount" alliance, the Panasonic S5 is one of our favorite budget full-frame options on the market today. Inside this compact powerhouse sits a 24.2mp full-frame CMOS sensor feature Dual Native ISO technology for optimal image quality in both photo and video modes. The Panasonic S5 is perfect for both the stills and motion picture creatives with its 4:2:2 10-bit internal video recording and 14+ stops of V-Log and V-Gamut 4k video recording and 96mp high-resolution still image mode. From its sleek and compact design to its full-featured technicals specs the Panasonic S5 really stands out from the rest of the full-frame mirrorless cameras in its category.

Options: Camera Body Vs. Kit

Panasonic offers the S5 in two variations. The Camera body only or a kit with an ultra-versatile 20-60mm f3.5-5.6 lens. Shop now and save $300 on the Panasonic S5 camera body or kit!

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Panasonic S5 In Action

The L-Mount  

→ The Most Versatile Mirrorless Lens Mount

Leica,  Sigma, and Panasonic have all joined forces to finally bring a camera mount to the market that is fully compatible with three distinct camera systems. The Panasonic S5 can share lenses with lenses from all of these manufacture from premium offerings from Leica, to Sigma's incredible DG DN and Art series lenses and Panasonic's own S line of lines. All of these lenses are fully compatible with the Panasonic S5 making it one of the most optically flexible cameras on the market today. In addition, many SLR, Rangefinder, and other vintage lenses are compatible with the L-Mount via various adapters. 

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