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Product Information

The name says it all! The Leica Q bag

The bag with the perfect “fit” for your Leica Q2 or Q1. It fits like a second skin, ideally suited for a Q with a handle. The ideal Leica Q bag for every occasion.

An absolute highlight is the vegetable-tanned leather, which has been prepared in a special process to make it water-repellent. The soft leather gets its unique properties by hydrophobing. Raindrops roll off, so to speak - the Q bag is the perfect companion for a splash-proof camera. The leather has a feel that is not dissimilar to velour and develops a special and individual patina over time.

In addition to the camera with the dimensions 130x80x91.9 mm (WxHxD), there is still enough space for the charger, lens hood, cable, and smartphone. 


The Leica Q photo bag at a glance:
  • Protection - the Q bag protects against splash water and other external influences thanks to its special hydrophobized, vegetable-tanned leather

  • Casual - the soft but stable handle of the leather, not unlike a velour surface, exudes casual charm

  • Feel - just great leather: soft, stable and agile

  • Place - the second skin of the Q, with or without a finger loop


In the past, leather was protected against water mainly by employing all sorts of greases. In addition, chemical impregnation was carried out before the first use. The water-repellent leather in the Oberwerth Q2 bag instead is treated during the tanning process so that it is naturally water-resistant for a longer period of time.

The hydrophobic properties of the leather are already retained during the tanning process. We use a combination of different methods in which certain paraffins, polymers, and silicones are used together. These are integrated into the fibres and repel the water by increasing the surface tension of the leather fibres. Moisture “rolls off”.

But please note that Oberwerth leather is highly water-repellent, but not waterproof. Sometimes this is mistakenly claimed as the result of hydrophobation. The difference between waterproof and water-resistant or water-repellent lies in the period of time during which the material does not let the water through. A material called waterproof should keep almost infinitely dry, e.g. plastic. Water-repellent leather can never do that. Likewise, the Q2 camera is water-repellent but should not be unlimited be exposed to or left under water. However: the hydrophobized Q2 bag stays dry longer than "normal" leather.

Hydrophobized leather dries faster, is breathable, and provides better temperature regulation. Important: no watermarks or stains form on the surface.

The leather is easier to care for as dirt does not penetrate into the material. And because the leather doesn't get soaked so quickly, the Q2 keeps its shape longer. Which also keeps the hydrophobized leather young: It doesn't dry out so quickly. It is therefore better protected against leather breakage and premature aging.

The Q Bag is also available in Oberwerth's beautiful casual leather: 

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