With 100 Megapixels on a full frame medium format sensor combined with an integrated shooting solution, the Phase One IQ3 100mp system is truly the ultimate camera. Phase one has been able to accomplish 100mp in a camera that features extensive dynamic range, usable high ISO, and a plethora of features when paired with the XF Body or technical camera setup. If you are are looking to gain ultimate image quality along with extreme flexibility the Phase One IQ3 100mp is your best solution.

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The IQ3 100mp is the most advanced digital back ever made. It features 100mp full frame medium format CMOS sensor. The IQ3 100mp was designed to push the technical limits of the modern day in every way possible. The IQ3 100mp was also built to be intuitive, and straightforward to use, making the advanced technology work in the background while allowing you to focus on capture.

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16 Bit Color Depth

The IQ3 100 is built to render the most accurate color. Never before has a camera had such extremely dynamic tonal feel. When paired with Capture One software colors, skin tones and textures can be dialed in with extreme accuracy. This kind of control over images opens the doors for increased amounts of creativity as well as incredible tonal precision. 

15 Stops of Dynamic Range

Since the birth of digital photography, engineers have been striving to broaden the dynamic range of digital sensors. Phase has been able to bring the IQ3 100mp back to produce 15 stops of dynamic range. This kind of dynamic range gives you the ability to create images with detail in highlights and shadows that were never before possible in such a camera. Along with this dynamic range, the IQ3's ISO gives you the ability to shoot ultra-clean images at 50 iso along with the capacity to shoot high iso images up to 12800 with the cleanest possible results. The IQ3 100mp gives the ultimate dynamic freedom.

Long exposure times up to 60 minutes

Opening up the door for even more creative possibilities the IQ3 allows for 60-minute exposures at full 100mp resolution. The Phase one IQ3 100mp is the first full frame back to offer this kind of control. The IQ3 also has a broad range of options for creating clean long exposure shots. The IQ3's long exposure capabilities are ideal for those looking to create long exposure landscape shots and night photography.

Electronic Shutter

Due to the CMOS sensor technology Phase One has chosen to incorporate into the IQ3 100 the use of electronic shutter is possible. By using electronic shutter this eases up the wear and tear on the mechanical parts of the camera when shooting time-lapse, and technical reproduction shots


IQ3 100MP
  • 15-Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Incredible High ISO Range
  • Up to 60 Minute Long Exposures
  • Perfect all around back 
  • Incredible performance in many situations
  • Future Proof Platform

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  • 15-Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Incredible High ISO Range
  • Up to 60 Minute Long Exposures
  • Most advanced Color Science
  • New Bayer Filter and CMOS sensor Technology
  • Never before color definition possibilities

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  • 15-Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Incredible High ISO Range
  • Up to 60 Minute Long Exposures
  • Unique black and white only rendering
  • Phenomenal clarity for timeless photography
  • One of a kind 100mp CMOS Monochrome sensor

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The Phase one XF system brings all aspects of the Phase One ecosystem together from software, backs, and optics. Phase one has made the XF body fully integrated with Capture One allowing for seamless tethering. Likewise, the IQ3 100mp back when combined with the XF body, communication between back and body, is made seemless. When paired with a Schneider Kreuznach lens the XF system is made whole.


Expect constant innovation during the lifetime of the XF body without the need for new hardware on the XF system. The XF body and lenses are fully upgradeable to future updates, performance upgrades and firmware that Phase One releases.  Utilizing Phase's Honeybee auto focus infrastructure which features an independent AF processes makes for many upgrade possibilities when paired with the IQ3 100mp back, and XF body. 


The XF body allows for many possibilities when it comes to customizing the system to suit your needs. From loading custom setups from the CF card to operating Profoto's Air system's via the built-in Profoto Air remote the XF body is built to adapt to your precise needs making you more efficient in the field and allowing for creative photo acquisition.

Relevant Accessories

From waist level finders, remote shutter releases, batteries, grips, and more the XF system is built to furnish any hardware necessity you would need from your camera. 

Superior Optics

Built by Schneider Kreuznach of Germany the Blue Ring Phase lenses are built to out resolving the IQ3's 100mp resolution. The Blue Ring lenses from Schneider Kreuznach are built to far surpass the rendering of other smaller sensor lenses. The Blue Ring lenses render sharp edge to edge photos and beautiful out of focus bokeh. The Blue Ring line up is very extensive and provides a lens for nearly any situation you might need from wide-angle and telephoto primes to zooms and specialty lenses. 


Looking to pack as much performance possible into a lightweight, and versatile system? Look no further than the Phase One A-Series. Featuring Rodenstock lenses and Swiss-made Alpa bodies the A-Series resembles a regular technical camera.


Beautiful Optics 

The Alpa system for phase features precision built Rodenstock optics constructed to resolve with edge to edge sharpness on the IQ3 100mp. The Rodenstock lenses come in a variety of focal lengths to fit a wide range of needs. 

IQ3 Interface

Due to the new CMOS sensor technology embodied in the IQ3 100mp utilizing a technical body has never been easier. Live view can be used to compose and focus with minimal latency. The touch interface on the IQ3 makes it easy to adapt settings and configure menus. Capture is also made easy due to electronic shutter on the IQ3 100 for applications that do not need an electronic shutter

Compact Modular Design

The Alpa/Phase One combination makes it perfect for those who have no need for auto focus functionality. By reducing the size of the lenses and body the entire system because much easier to transport without sacrificing any image quality. The Alpa bodies and possible configurations make the A-Series IQ3 100 setup adaptable for a wide variety of needs.

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Want to learn more? We encourage you to contact one of our trained phase one professionals for more information on the Phase One. We would be happy to put a demo camera in your hand, and see if the Phase One is a good fit for you!

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