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casual and relaxed every day

Explore the city with the DSLR or Leica SL and just take your favorite lens with you? Do you want to stow the heavy camera safely but still have it handy? No problem with Oberwerth's GEORGE.

Completely made of velvety soft, German cowhide, GEORGE is not only casual and cool in design, but also well thought out down to the last detail. Thanks to the vertical format, the heavy camera can be placed upright in the pocket and is always within reach for the next snapshot. The soft shoulder pad made of leather and the low center of gravity ensure a secure and comfortable hold on the shoulder. The shoulder strap made of close-knit cotton is cut-proof and adjustable in length. The soft, felted leather adapts ergonomically to the shape of the body and ensures maximum comfort - even when packed.

Under the leather flap, hidden from unwanted access, there is a front pocket for e.g. batteries, memory cards or simply a passport and smartphone. The two-stage locking system from LOXX® protects the valuable interior and enables GEORGE to be adjusted in volume.

The side walls are padded and protect the camera and lens from knocks and bumps. GEORGE is supplied with one or two additional inner pads that can be individually placed in the pocket with Velcro. This allows the interior layout to be freely designed according to personal camera equipment.

Handy, compact and soft - GEORGE

GEORGE at a glance

  • Compact and spacious - enough space for DSLR or LEICA SL without bulky
  • Length-adjustable, robust and color-coordinated cotton shoulder strap with ergonomically shaped leather shoulder pads
  • Full-grain, tumbled, velvety-soft cowhide made from German tanning
  • Including pad - for the individual design of the upholstery
  • LOXX® locking system adjustable in two stages

Oberwerth leather 

The processed leather is a tumbled, full-grain cowhide made from German tanning. The leather structure with the natural bumps and scar injuries gives the bags a velvety feel and their lively appearance.

650g / 1.43 lbs

Inner dimensions
18 x 18 x 12.5 cm (WxHxD)

Outer dimensions
19 x 19 x 15 cm (WxHxD)

velvety-soft cowhide