Leica M 246 Monochrom " Your Mark " Set

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In the hands of many great photographers, the Leica M left an undeniable impression on photographic history. While working with these black paint cameras, the finish would patina and change; the marks that developed told the photographer's unique stories, evidence of all the moments they captured in time. The story behind a camera's finish is something special. A vintage Leica M's patina strikes the Leica enthusiast with questions of how the Leica achieved its beautiful character. To continue the tradition of finely crafted cameras, with finishes that age well with time, Leica has collaborated with Horween Leathers, an established tanner of the highest quality, here in the United States.

Analogous to Leica, Horween Leather is a centenary company, with a passion for exceptional craftsmanship, and a fine partner in the "Your Mark" camera collaboration. The naturally tanned leather looks wonderful against the glossy paint finish. Most importantly, this leather will gracefully age and patina, as will the painted surfaces of the camera. Over time and use, the overall finish of the "Your Mark" Leica Monochrom, will acquire the same handsome beauty as the black painted film cameras used by many of the great photographers of the 20th century.

The Leica Monochrom was selected for the "Your Mark" edition, as the black and white sensor invokes the spirit of 20th-century film photography. The 35mm f2.0 Summicron Asph II lens was selected as it is arguably the most versatile lens is the line and a favorite of photojournalists worldwide. This lens is also featured in a black painted finish, over brass, and has been slightly modified to accept the classic round metal shade of earliest editions of the lens. Even the lens shade is glossy black paint, over brass. This formulation of time-proven Leica craftsmanship combined with a finely tanned Horween leather covering and strap makes the "Your Mark" Edition Leica Monochrom destined to become a modern classic tool for the discerning photographer.

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