Hasselblad XH 0.8 Lens Adapter

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The XH Converter 0,8 is an accessory for using HC/HCD lenses on X System cameras. It reduces the focal length of the attached lens by a factor of 0,8x as well as increases the maximum and minimum aperture with 2/3 stops. As an example, the HC 100, f/2,2 when used together with XH Converter 0,8, will be equivalent to an f/1,8 80mm lens. It is designed to be used with all HC/HCD lenses (see Compatibility) but it is optimized for the lenses shown on page 2. The attached lens retains its full functionality, including AF 1. An added bonus when using the XH Converter 0,8 is that it increases lens performance as lens aberrations are reduced by the same factor as the focal length. The HC/ HCD lenses will, thanks to the larger max aperture, produce a shallow depth of field with super smooth bokeh. The XH Converter 0,8 can also be combined with other H System lens accessories, such as the HTS 1.5 Tilt and Shift Adapter. The CF Lens Adapter (requires the electronic shutter func- tion) gives access to all V System lenses. Lens corrections for all compatible HC/HCD lenses will be applied automati- cally when images are processed in Phocus (When the HTS, extension tubes, Macro Converter or the converter H1,7X are used, only the corrections for the lens are applied).

Focal length conversion factor

Aperture conversion factor
+2/3 Stop

Close range
Same as for the lens

51,5 / 84,6 mm

430 g
  • Hasselblad X System cameras, X1D with firmware 1.25.0 or later, or X1D II 50C/907X/CFV II with firmware 1.4.0 or later.

  • All Hasselblad HC and HCD lenses, except HC120 and HC120-II with firmware older than 18.0.0.

  • Lenses with firmware 18.0.0 to 19.0.3 must be upgraded to 19.1.0 or later.

  • HCD lenses were originally designed for a smaller format than HC lenses. Therefore some reduction of performance in extreme corners can occur.

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