All store Locations are now open for "Curbside Pickup" Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. Curbside Pickup is available during checkout or by contacting us directly.

Test Drive Before You Buy!

Try the new Leica M10, CL or SL for 24 hours. Conveniently located at any of our three store locations at Leica Store San Francisco or Leica Boutiques in Rancho Mirage and Walnut Creek we offer the opportunity to try these cameras for a full day.

Test Drive A Leica For $99 Anywhere In The United States!

Don't live near one of our stores? No problem! We offer the ability to test drive an M10, CL or SL for 24 hours where ever you might be in the United States. The process is simply to fill out the form below and one of our Sales Associates will contact you. We charge $99 for round trip overnight shipping to your location (return label and packaging will be included in your test drive shipment. We do charge the full amount for the camera before shipment, and upon return, the charge is returned to you.

Can't live without it? If you choose to purchase the camera the $99 over-night shipping will be applied towards the purchase of the camera, and your new Leica will arrive only a day after the Test drive arrives back in our store.