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Artists Talk: "Using Light in a Non-Traditional Context” with Rick May

Thursday, May 13 2pm PDT

Join us for another Artist Talk with Photographer Rick May as we talk about "Using Light in a Non-Traditional Context" with title sponsor Stellapro Lights by Light and Motion.

About Photographer Rick May:

"Seattle sports photographer Rick May shoots a variety of local sports — both pro and college. What makes his work unique is his incredible focus on the geometry of bodies in motion. Most photographers snap photos in burst mode, picking the photos that most clearly show the action. And while we’re sure Rick’s process isn’t too different from this, his photos all show a remarkable geometric harmony — the implied curves and zigs-zags of bodies in movement. You see how the circular movement of a torquing body gives the movement its power and removes friction that might mitigate this power. We love sports, but we are by no means experts on the techniques of batters or basketball players. Yet looking at Rick’s photos, we were able to derive actual insight about these sports that had never occurred to us before. It takes a special photographer to pull off such a feat."

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Come On An Adventure!

We are excited to partner with Big Sky Photo Adventures in support of their upcoming adventures. Big Sky Photo Adventures are a bit different in their approach to the "Photo Workshop" format. Big Sky Photo Adventures will be putting on several all-inclusive adventures in locations that your average photo workshop would not explore.

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What Makes A Big Sky Adventure Different?

Exclusive Access to Locations

Many photo adventures take place in places that everyone knows, has photographed, and is familiar with. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, but what Big Sky does is different. With access to lesser know places, Big Sky Adventures gives you a unique opportunity to capture images not many people have captured before of places less traveled!

An All-Inclusive Experience

Everything is covered. No, you don't need to book your own hotel, bring your meals. Big Sky Photo Adventures brings a complete experience beyond your time behind the camera.

Technical Support

Big Sky Photo Adventures has extensive gear support from us here at Camera West and Light and Motion lights. Want to try lighting a landscape a little different than you are accustomed to? Rick May and his team will have Light and Motion lights to try and learn how to use. Maybe you'd like to try a new lens and gain a new perspective. We will be supplying loaners, cameras, and lenses, stock permitting, for you to gain a fresh perspective.

We hope you can join Big Sky and us Photo Adventures. Gain new insight, learn a new technique, try some new gear, travel to a new place, and ultimately have an incredible adventure with us!

Upcoming Adventures

Western Rocky Mountain Treasures

June 25, 2021 - Leadville, CO

Join us for a literal treasure hunt of photo opportunities as we capture the sunrise on the collegiate peaks then poke around mine ruins. Shadows, old wood, cool structures await your creative compositions! We’ll have plenty to discover in the historic town of Leadville, Colorado and the surrounding area.

Join Rick May and Bill Baum as we take you through a part of history off the beaten path.

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