The Oberwerth Nelson at a Glance

16 May 2019

Headed out for a weekend filled with photography, yet you still need some daily essentials for that overnight stay in a hotel or a trip through the airport terminals? Oberwerth has created yet another stunning bag built for not just transporting the camera equipment you need, along with necessary personal essentials from point "a "to Point "b" but to also do it in style.

The Oberwerth Nelson Weekender bag is beautifully handcrafted from Oberwerth's super soft, naturally tanned leather that is tumble during the tanning process to utter, supple perfection. The Nelson finds itself as the largest of Oberwerth's "Casual" line of bags due to its duffle bag like characteristics.

The Oberwerth Nelson's design is simple and straight forward. The word "functional" comes to mind without it being a demeaning adjective in any way. Featuring a zip top duffle portion for clothing and other odds and ends, the Nelson also carries the heavy camera gear in the bottom zipper portion. The bottom padded divider has ample room, more than enough to fit several bodies and lenses - provided they aren't large telephotos. The interior of the bag sports a contrasting red fabric that we find in many of Oberwerth's "for Leica" bags.

From design, execution, craftsmanship, and style Oberwerth has yet again made us fall in love with one of their beautiful bags. We will be stocking these in all three of our stores. Please feel free to stop by and see it for yourself or simply order one here.

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