16 December 2017

Experience Italy with a native of the region who is a working artist and two seasoned professional photographers. We'll enjoy plenty of time for photography and lessons in light, balance and composition. Discussions on post production, your interests, food and wine will occupy our spare time!

VENICE: a fragile brushstroke of a city, nestled between sky and water, defiantly surviving more than 2000 years in a precarious balance. You will enjoy exploring a city that has inspired countless artists from the Renaissance to today with its spectacular architecture and surprising light. The uniqueness of its environment has spawned not only new painting techniques but entirely new ways of painting.

THE PROSECCO HILLS: not far from Venice, in the foothills of the Alps, lie the centuries old vineyards that made the Veneto region world famous. Ancient hamlets, castles, Palladian villas, wineries and views of the mountains will all be part of a pleasant day exploring the countryside that sustained the rich Venetian nobility during the past 7 centuries.

THE DOLOMITES: known as "The Pale Mountains" for their light colored stone, they are well known and loved for the gorgeous rock formations, deep valleys and quaint towns. San Martino di Castrozza will charm you with majestic views of the Cimon Della Pala and the Baita Segantini.


Join us for a unique exploration of the remarkable light, culture and scenic wonders of Italy’s famous Veneto region through the eyes of a Venetian artist and two renowned professional photographers. We’ll team up to capture the alluring, dream-like waterways and hidden calli (alleys) of Venice that have mesmerized the world’s great artists and writers for centuries; the vibrant colors and charm of Burano; the small towns and rolling hills of Prosecco wine country; and the majesty of the spectacular Dolomites.

Workshop Staff

Gloria Bordi - Gloria is a native of the Veneto region and learned to rock climb in the Dolomites. She began painting at an early age and earned her MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She is a working artist who has been exhibited in numerous galleries and her works can be found in private collections in Europe and the U.S. Gloria has a passion for art and history, eating well and finding the best Prosecco! www.gloriabordi.com

Rick May - A Nikon 100 Year Anniversary Featured Photographer. http://www.nikon.com/ 100th/welovenikon Rick is a world renowned landscape and sports photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His images have been featured in Sports Illustrated, National Geographic and he is a team photographer for the Seattle Sounders. Rick's landscape work is in many galleries and he is widely collected.

Bill Baum - Bill has a long history with photography from before high school to working for Eastman Kodak and Pentax teaching photography and managing events like the Americas Cup, Formula One, Indy and a variety of other sporting events. Bill shoots for many national sports teams, NGBs, and the United States Olympic Committee. A former national team and Olympic alpine ski coach, he loves the Veneto region and Italian food!

Contact & Information

September 28 - October 3, 2018

Intermediate to Advanced, Artist supported, Photo Workshop.

Trip price of $5,995 USD includes lodging, breakfast, two workshop dinners, van transportation in Veneto region and instruction. Contact PIXL PROJECT for detailed itinerary and information.

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