The Panasonic GH5 Mark II Mirrorless Camera may look identical to the GH5 except for some splashes of red added and some other minor changes. Most of the main changes on this new camera are internal because of the new processor added to the camera. Here we will review some of these improvements.

First off, the autofocus gets a nice update. It's not necessarily a game-changer for the camera, but it is a welcome improvement. The image stabilization has also improved, thanks to the new processor. Now the camera has six and a half stops instead of the five stops of the gh5.

The Mark II now can record 4k 10-bit and 4-2-0 60p with no crop. The USB-C port even gets an upgrade. It now has higher power delivery which means that you can now charge the camera a bit faster than with the previous version's USB-C port.


The back screen is slightly smaller on the new Mark II. It goes from a 3.2-inch screen to a 3-inch screen. However, the upside of this is that the screen is sharper and brighter than the screen on the GH5. You also get a new info display that provides an easy-to-see settings layout.

Panasonic has an overall simple interface with newly added color profiles to the camera. The first new added color profile is the L Classic Neo, which they say is a nostalgic profile with subtle saturation and contrast. The other profile is the L Monochrome S, that's a black and white profile.

One of the best new features of this camera is the ability to live stream without the need for a computer. The camera can connect directly to wifi or a hot spot connection off your cell phone connection. You can stream live videos on almost any social media platform.

Just like the GH5, the Mark II is fully weather-sealed and has no recording limits. One interesting note is that the camera features a different battery. It takes a DBK-22, which helps provide some more battery life.

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