Resources For Home

01 April 2020

In practice with Social Distancing we are compiling a list of all the incredible resources out there available to you that we have found helpful. Of course we invite your check out our online Webinar series by heading over to our Events page and registering for the different online sessions we have listed there. 

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as we will be keeping this post up-to-date throughout the month as we find more resources. 

Capture One Photo Editing

Capture one has some incredible resources for learning different editing techniques to, converting from another editing platform and more! 

Capture One 30 Day Challenge

Capture One 20 Video Tutorials

How To Convert your Lightroom Catalog to Capture One

Fujifilm Classes

Fujifilm has shared some great weekly classes that aren't just Fujiflm specific. If you are any kind of photographer with any gear we encourage you to check these out!

Fujifilm Free Weekly Classes

Fujifilm How To Make Better Travel photos

Fujifilm Six Speedlite Techniques to Create Better Photos

Profoto Lighting Tutorials

We highly recommend Profoto Lighting gear and they have done an incredible job putting together a vast amount of YouTube tutorial videos to teach you more about lighting and how to use their excellent products.

Profoto Lighting Training Videos


The Leica Akademie is doing a great online discussions series with various Leica photographers