Nikon Announces New D780 & Lenses

08 January 2020

We are excited to see Nikon announce the new successor to the very popular Nikon D750, the Nikon D780. Along with this camera, Nikon announces two new lenses: An extremely versatile telephoto zoom, the 120-300mm f2.8E FL ED SR VR and a 70-200mm f2.8 VR S specifically for the Nikon Z mirrorless system. Check out some more info about these items below and be sure to reach out if you are interested in reserving one of these items. 

Nikon D780

The D750 was always the perfect combination of performance to value in full-frame DSLR cameras. Nikon has kept with that theme and announced the D780. This new offering from Nikon features some incredible new features. The New D780 is more powerful than before with a more rugged body, increased processing speed, new 4k video features, and lightning-fast autofocus and FPS.

  • 24.5mp FX sensor with 100-51200 ISO Range (expandable to 204,800)
  • New video features including 4k UHD Recording 10-Bit N-Log and new HDR video recording
  • Powerful 273 point AF with autofocus in Live View mode for both video and stills.
  • Fast continuous shooting: 7 fps in normal mode and 12 fps in live view mode
  • The same tiltable screen well-loved on the D750, but now with touch screen control. 
  • New Expeed 6 image-processing engine
  • Incredible low light capabilities
  • Shutter speeds up to 1/8000s for capturing extreme motion
  • In-Camera focus stacking
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy sharing and connection.
  • New rugged magnesium alloy construction with thorough weather sealing. 
  • Dual UHS-II SD card support for a seamless workflow

Nikkor AF-S 120-300mm F2.8E FL ED SR VR

The Nikkor AF-S 120-300mm f2.8E FL ED SR VR is a dream come true for any action, or wildlife photographer looking for a telephoto zoom that is longer than a 70-200mm F2.8 but at the same speed. The 120-300mm f2.8E is an extraordinary achievement for Nikon.

  • Fast F2.8 aperture throughout the entire focal length of the lens
  • New SR (Short-Wavelength Refractive) lens element featuring Nikons Anti-reflective ARNEo coat for excellent chromatic aberration correction.
  • 4 stops of VR (vibration reduction)
  •  Autofocus that will match prime lens counterparts
  • Extreme weather sealing
  • Fluorine Coating that repeals dist, water grease, and dirt
  • Extra Low dispersion glass delivers excellent chromatic aberration correction
  • Nano Chrystal Coating for superior Antireflective operation

Nikkor Z 70-200mm F2.8 VR S

The first fast zoom for the Nikon Z system has arrived! The Nikkor Z 70-200mm f2.8 VR S is the first professional telephoto zoom for the Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras.  

  • Incredible close focus of only 70mm
  • 100% Parfocal for manual focusing during video
  • Fast and silent autofocus
  • 5.5 stops of VR (vibration reduction)
  • Digital EL (Electroluminescent) display for easy focus distance scale reading even in the dark.
  • Extensive Weather Sealing 
  • Fluorine Coating that repeals dist, water grease, and dirt.
  • Customizable control ring
  • Nano Chrystal Coating for superior Antireflective operation

Ben Carpenter

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