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Leica Q2 Monochrom: A New Favorite

With its compact design and excellent performance, it's easy to see why the Leica Q2 is a customer and staff favorite. Leica has released a new Q2 Monochrom, which we are confident will become the next most preferred camera. 

At first glance, this new Leica Q2 Monochrom has a noticeably sleek matte black paint finish in comparison to the original Q2’s glossy paint finish. The classic Leica red dot has also been removed, and the letterings on this camera are now Black, Gray, and white. This camera also features the same kind of leather found on the M10-M Monochrom. All of these features make this camera unmistakably monochromatic.

The new Q2 Monochrom features an all-new 47.3 MP sensor that provides 13 stops of dynamic range, which is a full 2 stops more than the Q2. Along with that feature, this also has an extra stop on the ISO, which now max’s out at 100,000. This camera makes it easy to bring back the shadows on an image. With its monochrome sensor, your images will be sharper, with more detail, and resolution than any competitor.

The new Q2 Monochrom can shoot a proper monochromatic 4k video, which is a first for Leica. The only other monochrome camera that was capable of shooting video from Leica was the Leica M 246. However, even the M 246 was limited to only shooting 1080 at up to 25 fps. Now with the Q2 Monochrom, you can shoot up to 4k 30, cine 4k at 24fps, and 1080 at 120fps.

The Q2 Monochrom offers a reduced menu from the Q2. however, there is now a new toning menu for both the photo and video modes. Shooting options include a sepia, blue, or selenium tone on your images. There is also a weak option if you feel the toning is too strong.

Like the original Q2, this camera does still have the ability to “zoom” using a cropping method. The 28mm lens can be cropped down to a 75mm lens equivalent. However, when zooming at 35mm the resolution is reduced to 30mp, 50mm is down to 15mp, and 75mm down to 6.6MP. This affects both your JPEGs and RAWs in certain cases. However, when importing a cropped raw file into Lightroom, the program will retain the crop automatically. In Lightroom, if you hit the crop button you can see that the entire image is still available. The crop option also works in video mode, but like with still photos, cropping video does also appear to lower the quality.

Why choose the Q2 Monochrom over the M10-M Monochrom? For example, The M10 can change lenses whereas the Q2 is a fixed 28mm. One advantage to having a fixed lens is the IP52 weather sealing. The Q2 also has an EVF that displays a monochrome image which is great for being able to see the image you're going to get before taking the shot. Having that EVF makes focusing a lot easier when switching over to the macro mode. Also, the M10 cannot shoot video like this new Q2. On the other hand, the M10s sensor does have about 2 more stops of dynamic range.

If you're torn on which Monochrom is right for you, consider the features, and decide which are more important to you. Leica is top of its class when it comes to any Monochrom, and the addition of the new Q2 Monochrom holds that merit. As far as price goes, consider this, for the price of the 28mm Summilux, you can get a Q2.

Please visit where you can order the new Leica Q2 Monochrom, the M10-M Monochrom, or even some of the used Leica Monochrom cameras that we have available in stock.

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