Fujifilm Upgrades X-T3 to Version 3.0 Firmware

16 April 2019

Fujifilm has announced an exciting new update the X-T3 today. Version 3.0 will contain the following upgrades.

Strengthened the accuracy of face / eye detection AF performance
The AF algorithm has been improved along with the accuracy of face / eye detection AF. The ability to detect faces in the distance has been enhanced by approximately 30% and AF tracking is now more stable, even when an obstacle appears in the way. The improvements in AF are applicable to both still photos and video recording.

New Face Select function
The Face Select function has been introduced to provide priority auto-focus, tracking and exposure on a selected subject when multiple faces have been detected. The priority face can be selected by using the touch screen or focus lever.

Faster AF speed for subjects at a distance
Thanks to the improved AF algorithm, faster AF speed is achieved when shooting from short to long distances (or vice versa).

Intuitive operation of touch screen

A Double Tap Setting and Touch Function has been added to the touch screen settings*. The two settings must be set to OFF to provide a better touch screen response. These new settings allow a more intuitive touch operation when shooting, AF and focus area select.

As always if you want us to upgrade your x-t3 camera for you feel free to drop on by our store in Walnut Creek or Rancho Mirage, CA and we can get you all set up.

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