Fujifilm Adventure Day | Rancho Mirage May 5th

19 March 2018

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With CW Rancho Mirage | May 5th

For all of you who are already in town, or attending the Palm Springs Photofestival we have an exciting event planned for Saturday, May 5th in Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs, CA.

Join Camera West Rancho Mirage on May 5th for a day with professional adventure and travel photographer Dan Bailey and Fujifilm Cameras as we explore Tahquitz Canyon. We will begin the day with a talk with Dan at our store in Rancho Mirage. Before heading out you will have the opportunity to check out demo Fujifilm cameras and lenses that you can take out on our walk on the Tahquitz Canyon trail.

Schedule May 5th 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

12:00 pm: Meet at the store in Rancho Mirage for a talk with Dan as well as the opportunity to check out cameras for our walk.

2:00 pm: Drive to Tahquitz Canyon Park (500 W Mesquite Ave Palm Springs. There is a $12.50 charge for admission.

4:00 pm: Wrap up walk!

What Can you Learn by Coming?

The Adventure of Photography: Shooting Outdoor, Action and Travel with the Fujifilm X Series

After shooting with DLSR gear for over 20 years, Dan Bailey made the move to mirrorless and has transitioned to using Fujifilm X Series cameras exclusively in his work. Not only does mirrorless gear lighten your load in the outdoors, mirrorless cameras offer some distinct advantages over traditional DSLRs. In this presentation, Dan will show how you can use these advantages to expand your creative boundaries with photography and he’ll shed light on the specific gear and methods he uses in his own fast moving style of outdoor, adventure and travel photography. He’ll also present tips on light, lenses and composition so you can get the most from your camera, no matter what kind of gear you use.

Getting to Know Your Fujifilm Camera

Are you new to Fujifilm or are you thinking about getting an X Series camera? Come to this free class led by Fujifilm X Photographer Ambassador Dan Bailey and learn the ins and outs of this exciting camera system. In this two-hour mini-workshop, Dan will highlight some of his favorite settings and features on the X Series and how they can help you expand your creativity boundaries with photography. Having made a full transition to Fujifim after 20 years shooting with SLR cameras, he’ll discuss some of the main benefits that mirrorless cameras offer over traditional DSLRs, and he’ll shed light on the specific gear, lenses, compositional tips and methods he uses in his own fast moving style of outdoor, adventure and travel photography. We promise, by the end of he class, you’ll be inspired to go try some of the techniques you’ve learned!

Advanced Techniques with the X Series Cameras

Join Fujifilm X Photographer Dan Bailey for an in-depth class on how to get maximum performance from your X Series camera. A full time pro shooter who’s been using the system since 2011, Dan will share his expert knowledge and insight about the gear and show you some of the more advanced settings and features these cameras offer. He’ll cover things like how to shoot with maximum efficiency, how to navigate all the menus and controls and how to set up the camera in a way that fits your own shooting stye. He’ll also explain a number of the more powerful, yet lesser known settings, including new features that were added in the recent firmware updates and help you unleash the wonderful level of creative liberation and inspiration these cameras offer.

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