Fotopro Artpod Review: The perfect compact tripod companion

06 July 2018

I carry a camera with me just about everywhere in my bag. Most of the time I have my Leica Monochrom and a 50mm lens on me. Of course, along with a camera comes a few accessories that have made their way into my day to day life. I like having a tripod handy for those landscape shots, macro, or low light exposures when I need to get more stabilization for my camera. For this I usually have a small "beater" tripod stashed in my trunk at all times. For some time now I have wanted a well built compact tripod that could handle a variety of cameras and not be a massive weight in my bag.

When I first saw the sample of the Artpod by Fotopro I was extremely impressed with the CNC machined construction and precise engineering. Most of all I loved that it was more than small enough to fit into my Peak Design Everday Back Pack 20l which goes with me to and from work and just about everywhere else on a day to day basis.

The Artpod features a really stout set of legs that have the ability to articulate out in three different positions allowing the tripod to adjust to a variety of surfaces. The ball head features 360 degrees of motion and has your common pivot points such as pan and a slot for moving the camera vertically. Of course, I would not have even considered picking up this tripod if it wasn't for the fact that it uses the Arcaswiss standard QR plate.

The construction of the art pod features hollowed out legs making the whole system extremely light. I have been using it on my camping, hiking, and even cycling adventures and with a variety of cameras from the Leica CL, Leica M, and even larger cameras like the Leica SL and Fujifilm GFX. In all these situations the Artpod held it's own, and with seeing the way it is built I don't see this little tripod wearing out any time soon.

In my bag, the Artpod has become a necessity. I'm sure there will be many places, trails, and views this 'lil tripod will see with me.

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