First Look: Leica M10-R — Black Paint

First Look: Leica M10-R — Black Paint


We took a look at the Leica M10-R in Black Paint. This particular camera is going to be limited to 2000 units worldwide. Internally this is the same thing as a Leica M10-R but camera comes with the special Black Paint Finish.

On our Youtube channel, Camera West TV, we did an exclusive unboxing and first impressions on the new Leica M10-R Black Paint. We compared the look of this new camera to the Leica M4 Black Paint. Both Black Paint cameras have the white Leica script on the top and the sleek black paint finish. The M4 is less shiny than the brand new M10-R, but with time the black paint cameras will have unique patina, which we think is one of the most desirable features of these cameras.

This image is the original camera of Elliott Erwitt with extreme patina.

We decided to pair our Leica M10-R Black Paint camera body with a Black Paint Thumbs Up from Match Technical. This Thumbs Up matches the camera with the black paint and sits flat on the top for a perfect, seamless fit. Camera West also carries other Match Technical Thumbs Up handles to fit other brands, and styles of cameras. We love these Thumbs Ups because they are super convenient at keeping a hold on your camera investment.