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Last night, our Camera West Sports Workshop participants gathered for a slideshow to share our favorite images from the Fast & Furious Criterium in downtown Pleasanton.

I was amazed and very pleased with the quality and variety of images everyone made. Take a look.

Photo by Dennis Sasaki This corner on the race course was a difficult one to photograph. The riders flew by at 35mph just a few feet from the lens. Trying to capture that on top of the difficult lighting conditions was a challenge and Dennis came up with a winner. First of all, he prefocused just a few feet in front of him since his camera's auto focus could not keep up. Dennis also used a rear curtain flash to help expose the riders in the shade and not overexpose the background. He used a perfect shutter speed to provide just enough motion to give the photo a sense of movement.

Photo by Andrew Barber I love this image by Andrew. Simple, yet very effective. Andrew chose a long lens to compress the photo and also a large aperture to help blur the background. It is composed beautifully and puts the viewer face to face with the rider. I like the seeing her determination and concentration. Too bad she was wearing sunglasses. The eyes show so much emotion but unfortunately, they're hidden behind her sunglasses.

Photo by Bo Mathisen The best sports photos are not always where you expect them and Bo proved that point here with a tender moment of this kid watching the race on his bike. Great job Bo!

Photo by Conrad Rowling Conrad captured this trio in beautiful late evening light. A great job of seeing the light and working with it Conrad!

Photo by Richard Westin Another example of finding the best photos where you least expect them. Richard stayed late after the final race to capture the exuberance of the top 3 riders as they celebrate their win. Hopefully, Richard didn't get too soaked for this fun photo!