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The Holiday season is here, and as you consider your photography gift giving or receiving, we have put together a guide of some of our favorite products from this year to help inspire your photo gear gifting.

CW Picks — Cameras

I think just about all of us at Camera West uses one of these cameras extensively. This year, three kinds of cameras have dominated the marketplace: mirrorless, advanced Fixed Lens “Point & Shoot,” and medium format cameras. The Leica SL2 has quickly become our favorite professional full-frame, do everything, mirrorless camera, but the Panasonic S5 is a close budget option if you find the SL2 to be too much.

For compact cameras, we have greatly enjoyed the Leica Q2 and Q2 Monochrom cameras with their fixed 28mm f1.7 lens and 47mp full-frame sensor. Close on the heels of the Q2 is the smaller Fujifilm X100V which we find a fantastic go-anywhere camera.

Finally, for the Medium format, we would like to highlight the Hasselblad 907x and Fujifilm GFX 100s. These cameras have been our predominant cameras in this space. We love the 907x classic feel and aesthetics and find the Hasselblad 907x to be a perfect fit for anyone that owns a V series system and wants to use the CFV 50c II in conjunction with their vintage system. The Fujifilm GFX 100s is probably the most fully-featured medium format system. There isn’t anything the GFX 100s can’t do, and with 100mp of resolution, you won’t be wanting more info in your images!

CW Picks — Bags & Cases

One can never have too many cameras bags! Or at least we think so. Here are some of our favorites from the last year.

The newly launched Billingham Mini Eventer is perfect for small mirrorless cameras and daily essentials.

The Oberwerth Wetzlar II in Camo is simply a stunning bag exhibiting beautiful craftsmanship and superb styling.

If you like simple bags, we highly recommend the Peak Design sling bags. These bags come in various sizes and are perfect for keeping your camera gear safe and carrying daily essentials. 

Finally, the Shimoda Action series backpacks are perfect for the photographer seeking adventure. These backpacks feature durable weatherproof materials and a functional design for any photographer looking to get out in the elements.

CW Picks — Off Camera Gear

We love this new Pavotube 10 inch LED light from Nanlite. From product photography to accent lighting when shooting youtube videos or zoom meetings, to a small light for impromptu portraits this little battery-powered light can do so much!

CW Picks — Small Accessories

I guess you could call these smaller items “stocking stuffers,” but these small essentials are perfect for any photographer and camera.

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