Black & White Perfection: Announcing the New Leica M10-M Monochrom

16 January 2020

The third generation in Leica's Monochrom, the M10-M Monochrom, makes its official debut with some exciting new features and refinements. The centerpiece of the M10-M Monochrom will feature a new 40mp full-frame black and white sensor with an ISO range of 160-100,000. I am sure we can expect this sensor to perform extraordinarily well at those higher ISO's as we have seen the previous generations of Leica Monochroms do better than their color counterparts due to the lack of a color array filter on the M10-M's sensor.

The most apparent change to the M10-M Monochrom is that it now shares the same chassis as the Leica M10/M10-P with the slim profile similar to that of analog Leica M cameras. There are a few nice touches that we see on the new M10-M, such as grey out markings on the shutter dial and power switch and blacked out shutter release button. The M10-M also sports the same super silent shutter found in the M10-M.

The M10 Monochrom will be compatible with Leica's Fotos app for wireless connectivity and instant access to your images via your iPhone or Android mobile device.

The Leica Monochrom sits at the front of digital black and white photography, preserving much of the essence of analog black and white photography in the digital age. For this reason, the Monochrom has always been a favorite of many of our staff and close friends, and we are excited to see what you will do with this incredible new addition to the Leica M system.

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Ben Carpenter

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