We were able to test the Shimoda Action X30 Backpack for about a week. During this week we used the bag on a camping trip, a mountain bike excursion, and for overall daily work use.

During our main adventure with the bag, we took it on an extreme mountain biking trip in the San Jacinto Mountains. The main reason to have a backpack of this size on an excursion such as this is to be able to carry camera equipment, a drone, a hydration pack, and
any other items we may need. We found the bag to be comfortable and it nicely supported the weight of our gear, thanks to the interior frame and comfortable padded belt. We never felt that the bag was too heavy or slowing us down.

We have found many benefits to this bag. With its countless pockets and spaces to store just about everything, it is definitely up for any task at hand. The side opening allows you to access a camera quickly without having to completely take off the backpack. Its extra-durable outer materials allow you the ability to drop your bag anywhere you need to grab your gear from the main compartment (i.e. sand, dirt, water, etc.)

The interior of the bag is completely customizable not just with the dividers, but the whole core unit can be removed and swapped out with different sizes.

The Action line of backpacks also have different adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. The Shoulder straps are adjustable between the small, medium, and large connection points. The sternum strap is height adjustable. There is also a very loud whistle on the sternum clips if you were are in a situation where you needed someone to hear you. It has two fold-out extra carriers which are great to hold a tripod or a water bottle. The expandable roll tops allow you to expand it from 30 liters to 37 liters.

The Shimoda action line of backpacks come in 2 colors, Army Green and Black, and 3 different sizes which include the X30, X50, and Huge X70. The action line of backpacks are designed for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports and wants to take their photography gear with them to document it. Their sport-friendly design allows adventure athletes, photographers, and filmmakers a chance to bring their gear with them as they adventure into the outdoors.