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A Photo Book Review: Divine New York

A Photo Book Review: Divine New York


If you're someone who appreciates the unique architectural beauty that defines a city, then you'll understand my passion for seeking out the oldest and most ornate buildings whenever I travel. Churches and cathedrals, in particular, are often the iconic landmarks that represent a city's identity. Just the mention of Notre-Dame brings to mind the romance of Paris, the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel evokes the grandeur of Chicago, and St. Patrick's Cathedral and Christ Church conjure images of historic Dublin.

New York City is home to a rich array of architecturally significant and defining houses of worship, each with its own distinctive style and atmosphere. As someone who has always been drawn to these magnificent structures, I've spent countless hours exploring the beautiful churches and synagogues that grace the city's skyline.

Michael Horowitz, a longtime friend of Camera West and a very familiar name at our stores. Mr. Horowitz has dedicated over 15 years to capturing the essence of New York City's iconic houses of worship. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Horowitz since my early days at Camera West and have admired his photography for many years. As the owner of A Photographer's Place, Mr. Horowitz is renowned for his technical expertise in custom digital and fine art photography. His photography, to me, has always had that “but look closer” aspect to it that draws one into the details of a photograph over and over again. Having a printed physical book now of his photographs is fully immersive.

In his latest work, Divine New York, Mr. Horowitz's mastery of photography is on full display. The book showcases the stunning architectural beauty of New York's historic churches and synagogues in breathtaking detail, with each photograph expertly balanced and reproduced. Mr. Horowitz's work elevates these iconic structures to new heights, revealing their intricate details and unique features in a way that only a true master of photography can achieve.

After spending several hours perusing this book, I found myself discovering new details and truly appreciating the beauty of New York City's houses of worship. As I prepare to board a plane to NYC in a few days, I am excited to view these iconic structures with a newfound level of appreciation.

I believe that this book is a valuable addition to any photographer's collection. Not only does it serve as an excellent documentation of these historic buildings, but it also represents the culmination of a long-term dedication to a photographic project, which is truly inspiring.