Due to recent circumstances, our San Francisco Leica Store will be closed until 12/5. All orders placed will be shipped out of Walnut Creek and Rancho Mirage stores, but if the order cannot be shipped from those stores, it will be shipped from San Francisco on 12/5. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. 

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Cameras & Watches: Tools of Time

Watches and Cameras? An odd but wonderful pairing. One sentence, and you can skip this whole article of me waxing eloquent about my love for cameras and watches: Capturing and Telling the Time. Time is how Cameras and Watches relate. Cameras are part of how we experience things, remember things, document moments, and capture time. On the other hand, Watches are objects of time themselves, objects of telling the time.

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Conversing Cameras: Robert Chestnut

This "Conversing Cameras" feature I have thoroughly enjoyed! This conversation is packed with a lot - When faced with a life or death Kayaking situation, do you save the Nikon F2? Thoughts on the film in the days of rising film prices and rising developing prices? This week we talk to Robert Chestnut.

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Conversing Cameras: Joel Gelin

Welcome to another Conversing Cameras. This week we chat with Joel Gelin. I first met Joel through the regular Beers & Cameras meetup in San Diego. Little did I know that Joel was a musician before taking on photography. Over the past few weeks, it's been exciting to help Joel get into the Leica SL 601 system to work in tandem with his Leica R mount lenses. Without further ado, let's jump in!

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