Five Questions: Neil Ta

Five questions, one photographer. This week we feature Toronto based photographer Neil Ta


10 May    By • Amy Arroyo

Fujifilm Adventure Day | Rancho Mirage May 5th

Join us at either our Rancho Mirage or Walnut Creek store for a day of Fujifilm cameras and discussion with Dan Bailey, adventure photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador. 


19 Mar    By • Ben Carpenter

Armstrong Redwood Preserve: April 9, 2018

Join Tom Brichta and Camera West as we explore Armstrong Redwood Preserve in Guerneville, on Monday, April 9, 2018. Here we will walk among the giant Redwood Forest.


10 Mar    By • Amy Arroyo

The Rewind #3: Graflex Century 2x3 + Zeiss Tessar 100mm f3.5

Welcome to the third installation of the The Rewind, a blog series in which I field test some of the most interesting film cameras that come across my desk at Camera West.


03 Mar   

The Rewind #2: Voigtlander Bessa II

Welcome to the second edition of the The Rewind, a blog series in which I field test some of the most fascinating pieces of film equipment at Camera West.


10 Feb    By • Gabriel Binder

The Rewind #1: Hasselblad 501CM + Planar 80mm f2.8 CFE

The Hasselblad 501CM is a medium format SLR camera that makes 6x6 cm images on 120 or 220 film. It accepts interchangeable film backs and leaf shutter Carl Zeiss lenses, as well as a variety of prism finders and other accessories. Hasselblad produced the 501CM from 1997 to 2005...


26 Jan    By • Gabriel Binder


Experience Italy with a native of the region who is a working artist and two seasoned professional photographers. We'll enjoy plenty of time for photography and lessons in light, balance and composition. Discussions on post production, your interests, food and wine will occupy our spare time!


16 Dec   

The Fujifilm X-E3: Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Overall this is a great revision to the X-E series of cameras. I really enjoyed my time with the camera, although it was short as I was only able to use it during the day....


12 Dec    By • Adam Miller