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Make a list and check it twice. Maybe that is a list for you or a list for a special photographer in your life. We have hand selected a few items from around our stores that make excellent holiday gifts for photographers of all types. 

We believe cameras make great gifts, but then again we might be slightly biased! Check out some of our hand selected cameras and systems we all enjoy using here at Camera West. Of course, we have many many more cameras than what we have listed in this guide,  so let us know if you need help finding something specific!


Classic looks meet compact fun. The X100F is now available in three colors, all black, silver, and vintage brown.  Get all the classic feels of using a compact rangefinder with a fixed lens with the convenience of auto-focus and digital files. 

Shop X100F - Brown


Compact, Convenient, and beautiful the Leica C-Lux is the perfect mix of all of these things that makes it have a rightful place on our holiday gift guide. There is something in this camera for every photographer at every level. 


Shop Leica C-Lux


One of the newest editions to our shelves has quickly become a favorite among us here. We would highly recommend this for any Canon aficionado such as yourself - or someone you know.

Shop Canon EOS R


Please pass on the full frame. The Leica CL makes you wonder if full frame really is everything it is cracked up to be. Can you really have this much fun with an APS-C camera and have incredible image quality? Get a CL and find out.

Shop Leica CL


The Fujifilm X-T3 - What more is there to say about this already amazing camera. Just go ahead and trade in the X-T2 and gift yourself an X-T3. It will be worth it. We promise you won't regret it treating yourself.

Shop Fujifilm X


The classic. Treat someone (or yourself) to the new an entirely new and improved Leica M10 digital rangefinder. It is a work of art and a beautiful tool for crafting fine photographs. Already have an M10? M lenses fit perfectly in stockings.

Shop Leica M

Photographer loves their bags. It is what keeps our precious tools safe and organized. Plus many of them look so good! We simply cannot have enough of them. We have chosen some of our favorites that you might wish to take a gander at. Of course, this is only a sample. We have bags in all shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes.


Billingham bags are handmade bags from England. The waterproof fabric, solid brass fittings and leather bits give an extra touch of class to this gift. Personally, we like to the Billingham Hadley Pro Smal in Red/Chocolate. We might even call this bag the "The North Pole Edition" for its overly festive spirit.

Shop Billingham


Oberwerth's soft supple leather is made from the finest sources and tanned with Oberwerth's extensive vegetable-based tanning method. Combined with the simple and straightforward designs make Oberwerth bags a perfectly elegant gift for the discerning gentleman or lady.  

Shop Oberwerth


A longtime favorite in our stores, Ona bags take NYC style and craft it into a timelessly styled bag. Ona bags are perfect for the fashionable photographer. We love the small bowery for everyday bits and our camera of choice. 

Shop ONA

Fotopro Art Pod Compact Tripod

The Fotopro Art Pod fits perfectly in a stocking! Strong enough to take on a large medium format camera, and light enough to accommodate a compact camera the Art pod is the perfect gift for any photographer.

Shop ART Pod

Soft Release Buttons

Looking for small bits for someone or maybe you just want to make your camera a bit more festive. Look no further than the wide variety of soft release buttons we have in stock. 

Please Contact us to find the right Soft Release for your camera.

Gitzo Tripods

Gitzo tripods are the gold standard when it comes to the tripod game. We recommend this lightweight GT1545T combo with matching ball head for a great all-around travel tripod. Maybe you need a tripod upgrade or maybe you know someone who does. Let us know we can fit the right tripod.

Shop Gitzo

Sailor Straps

Yes, the colors are rather holiday-oriented in the photos above, but we have a wide array of these rope maritime-themed straps in stock. Sailor straps make a perfect small gift for any photographer. 

Shop Sailor Strap

Memory Cards

There is no such thing as "too much memory" Every photographer needs another card. So, give them one! We have a wide array of memory cards in stock to fit your own or someone else's camera needs.