The art of engineering and craftsmanship. Individual and exclusive. Values that have been inextricably associated with the Leica name for more than 100 years.

Values that are united in the new T Camera System - and are experienced in every detail. From the very beginning, the guiding principle behind the design, the use and the handling of the Leica T Camera System was the creation of sheer joy. The joy of photography. With its unique design and lenses that are unrivalled in its segment. Crafted and assembled by hand. A new step forwards for Leica photography. And never before has it felt so good.

Leica T Camera System: a symbiosis of the best


Love at first touch, happy forever.

Built according to the traditions of the art of engineering. The Leica T Camera System is the world’s first camera with a body made completely of aluminium. Machined from a single block of solid metal and polished by hand for 45 minutes. The outcome: the innovative and groundbreaking unibody – unique in both look and feel.


Less is more. More joy.

Absolute perfection is only achieved when nothing more can be omitted. We and our partner, Audi Design, systematically followed this strict policy to develop the Leica T. Form follows function. What’s more, it supports it too. To achieve this, we subtracted the superfluous and reduced what remained to the essentials.


Never before has taking a Leica picture been so easy.

A large touchscreen. Four haptic control elements. A logically designed, intuitive und ergonomic handling concept. The Leica T needs nothing else. Never before has it been so easy to understand a camera. And to use it. Created to let you concentrate on your pictures. To maximise the joy of photography. To get the perfect picture.

New T Camera System Body

Body Leica SL (Typ 601) $7,450.00
Body T (Type 701) Black $1,850.00
Body T (Type 701) Silver $1,850.00
Body T Black, 18-56mm, Visoflex Kit $3,300.00
Body T Silver, 18-56mm,Visoflex Kit $3,300.00

New T Camera System Lens

Lens SL 24-90mm2.8-4.0 Asph. $4,950.00
Lens SL 90-280mm2.8-4.0 $6,395.00
Lens T 11-23mm3.5-4.5 Asph $1,895.00
Lens T 23mm2.0 Asph $1,850.00
Lens T 55-135mm3.5-4.5 Asph $1,895.00
Lens TL 35mm1.4 Asph Black $2,395.00
Lens TL 35mm1.4 Asph Silver $2,395.00

New T Camera System Finder

Finder T Visoflex (Type 020) $595.00

New T Camera System Flash

Flash SF-40 $495.00
Flash T Flash SF-26 $390.00

New T Camera System Accessory

Accessory Camera Cover SL $48.00
Accessory Display Protection Foil SL $25.00
Accessory M Adapter T $395.00
Accessory Remote Release RC-SCL4 $190.00
Accessory SF-64 $850.00
Accessory Stone Gray Leather Strap $125.00
Accessory Strap Lug Kit for Leica T $70.00
Accessory T Camera Protector Stone Grey $160.00
Accessory T Flap Silicon Grey $50.00
Accessory T Holster Leather Stone Grey $225.00
Accessory T Snap Black $95.00
Accessory T Snap Melon-Yellow $95.00
Accessory T Snap Orange-Red $95.00
Accessory T Snap White $95.00
Accessory T Strap Black $79.00
Accessory T Strap Melon-Yellow $110.00
Accessory T Strap Orange-Red $110.00
Accessory T Strap White $110.00
Accessory T System Case Leather $325.00
Accessory T System Case Nylon $275.00
Accessory T Wrist Strap Black $70.00
Accessory T Wrist Strap Melon-Yellow $70.00
Accessory T Wrist Strap Orange-Red $70.00
Accessory T Wrist Strap White $70.00
Accessory TL 35mm1.4 Lens Hood Black $140.00
Accessory TL 35mm1.4 Lens Hood Silver $140.00

New T Camera System Battery

Battery T Battery BP-DC13, Black $140.00
Battery T Battery BP-DC13, Silver $140.00

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