Creative Workflow in Lightroom Workshop

Thank you to Jason Bradley and all who joined us at Camera West in Walnut Creek for his expert Lightroom instruction over the weekend.

Jason lead a 2 day workshop to teach us the essential techniques for a proper workflow in Lightroom. We learned about RAW file workflow, image developing, folder organization, asset management, file storage, key wording, exporting, and many more tips.

This same workshop will be held in our store in Rancho Mirage this coming weekend, March 28 and 29. Details here :

Camera West Eastern Sierra Workshop

Aspen in full fall colors in the eastern Sierra

Hal Kam of Camera West in Walnut Creek reports that the fall colors in the eastern Sierra are in full swing and has the photos to prove it.

Hal is currently leading a five day Camera West workshop to the eastern Sierra hitting all the classic photo ops : Bodie, June Lake Loop, Lundy Canyon, Mono Lake, Alabama Hills and the Bristlecone Forest. Judging by his photos, it looks like the perfect time to be there. Of course the photos he’s sending back are just iPhone photos…we’ll have to wait until he gets back to see the “real” photos taken with the Leica S2. I’m sure they will be spectacular!

The Arch view of Mt Whitney from Alabama Hills.

Annamarie stands by a fallen ancient Bristlecone Pine

If you would like to join Hal next year, contact him when he gets back at Camera West in Walnut Creek.


File to Print Workshop

Thank you to Jason Bradley and all the participants of the File to Print workshop which was held over the weekend at Camera West in Walnut Creek.

Students learned all about raw processing, developing techniques, color management, using ICC profiles, choosing the right paper and how to make a final print, which they did with our in-house Canon printer.

Jason Bradley works one to one with File to Print client Roz as they optimize her photo for printing via Adobe Lightroom.

We had a good group of enthusiastic photographers who brought in their favorite photos and with Jason Bradley's expert instruction, not only learned how to make a print, but made one with our Canon printer.

Jason, 2nd from left, shares a laugh with his clients as they look over their images.

Each File to Print participant had the opportunity to make a 17 x 22 inch print. Here Jason helps Phil mount his photo.

Keep checking the Events link to the left of this page for more Camera West Events. Jason will be leading another File to Print Workshop in the spring, including a workshop on Adobe Lightroom.

Printing Workshop with Jason Bradley

Thank you Jason Bradley and everyone who attended his From File To Print Workshop at Camera West in Walnut Creek over the weekend. This was a unique event where clients after learning the basics of raw processing, color management, and choosing the right paper, had a one to one consultation and print session with Jason. Clients brought one of their favorite images and with Jason’s help, produced a beautiful mounted large format print to take home.

Jason will be leading this same workshop at Camera West in Rancho Mirage February 15 & 16 as well as other workshops this spring. Be sure to check the events link on the Camera West website for details.

Conrad Rowling watches as Jason loads paper into the Canon large format printer

Jason mounts Anna Marie Maagdeberg's print as her husband Harry looks on.

Jason and workshop attendees look at their prints

Russ Harrison proudly displays his new print of a grizzly bear on the Alaska tundra with Jason

Night Photography Workshop with Shawn Peterson

With Shawn's excellent guidance, I came up with this photo of the rocks off of Sutro Baths. I used the lights of the Cliff House restaurant and the full moon to help expose the rocks. Six minute exposure @ f9 with an ISO of 100

Thank you to all the participants who came out last night for the Camera West Night Photography workshop led by Shawn Peterson. After a slide show presentation by Shawn and his special guest Stu Jenks, where we saw their beautiful night images and talked technique, we hopped into our cars and headed to San Francisco to the historic and always fun to shoot Sutro Baths.

The weather was perfect – no fog and no wind – for night photography. We practiced shooting long exposures of the Sutro Bath ruins and the rocks just off-shore, lit by a bright full moon. Most of our exposures were in the 4-8 minute range. Some also practiced painting their landscape with flashlights to add some detail, a technique Shawn and Stu taught us.

For those of you interested in shooting at night, and who missed out on this workshop, Camera West and Shawn will be leading another night photography workshop in the near future. To keep up to date on all our events, visit the Events link on the Camera West website.

Check out some photos from the evening below. Also soon on our Camera West Night Photography Flickr site, you will see more of the images our participants came up with.

Workshop participant Ming Maa sets up his camera as the sunset fades at Sutro Baths

Shawn Peterson shows us how to light paint our exposures with a flashlight

Workshop participants appear as ghosts in this 5 minute exposure at the Sutro Baths

Note the two workshop participants - one leaves a trail of light along the sea wall at Sutro Baths