Last Minute Announcement: Lecture With Marco Breuer At Pier 24

Any of our readers local to the Bay Area should seriously consider visiting California College of The Arts this Thursday, April 21st at 7pm for a lecture by Marco Breuer, the inaugural Larry Sultan Photography Award recipient. His work has been shown widely across the United States and Europe, most recently at the De Young Museum and Minneapolis Institute Of Arts.

Marco Breuer

Breuer’s work eschews the use of traditional photographs, instead using photogrammic methods along with careful abrasion, folding, incising, drawing with light and heat, and other destructive methods of photo-sensitive media. His tool box has included sand paper, electronics, turntables, and famously a 12-gauge shotgun. The resulting work is a series of unique abstractions and explorations of the photographic method that pushes the materials’ physical limits into uncharted territory.

Seating is free and open to the public with no RSVP required. Just show up at Timken Lecture Hall at 1111 Eighth Street in San Francisco at 7pm on Thursday, April 21st for an amazing lecture by one of the most talented photographic artists currently working.

Introducing The New Zeiss 18mm Batis

Recently Zeiss announced the Batis 18mm f2.8 lens for Sony E-Mount. This is Zeiss’ widest E-Mount offering to date and gives Sony photographers an incredible perspective on the world with a 99° field of view, incredible edge-to-edge sharpness, splendid color rendition and the high level of build quality that Zeiss has always been known for. As a part of the Batis line, it features an OLED display distance scale, rubberized focus ring, dust and splash sealing and beautiful design. Optically, the classic Distagon formula has been updated for the shorter flange distance of Sony cameras and optimized for the cutting-edge sensors found in their newest cameras.

Check out the samples and technical information Zeiss has on their site or call our Walnut Creek location to order one today for delivery in May.

Sony Camera and Lens Firmware Updates

Sony has announced several lens firmware updates for the following cameras and lenses.

  • SEL2470GM
  • SEL85f14GM
  • SEL70200GM
  • SEL50F18F
  • SEL70300G
  • ILCE-5100
  • ILCE-6000
  • ILCE-7S
  • ILCE-7
  • ILCE-7M2
  • ILCE-7R
  • ILCE-7RM2
Note: ILCE-6300 and ILCE-73M2 do not requre an upate. 
What’s needed for Firmware Installation
1. 1.1x USB cable (micro)
2. Charged battery in the camera (80% or above is recommended.
3. PC with USB port.
4. The update takes about 15 minutes per camera for the firmware update.
Where to find Firmware Updates
1. Firmware updates are can be found here:
2. On the top left side of the page, click on Product Categories.
3. From the menu, click “Cameras, Photo & Video” and then click on “Alpha DSLR and NEX Cameras”.
4. A new web page will appear, “Alpha DSLR & NEX Product Support”. On the right side of this page, you will see a column that says “Get Model Specific Support”. Under #1, select type of support “Drivers & Software”. From there, use the drop down menu “Cameras- Alpha NEX & DSLR” select “ILCE” and select your model number.
5. Select your computer’s Operating System.
6. Click on “Firmware” listed at the lower part of the page.
7. Click download: Save it to a location on your computer where you will be able to find it again.
Firmware Installation Instructions
1. Make sure the camera has a charged battery.
2. Change the USB connection to “mass storage”.
4. Plug the USB into the camera and connect to the PC. 
5. Run the firmware. 
6. Follow the on-screen instructions. Never turn off the camera and the USB while updating. Also, do not let your computer go to sleep while updating your camera. This will brick your camera. Do not step away from your computer at this time. If necessary change your screen saver settings before all updates so it will not sleep. 
7. Confirm with the Firmware that installation was successful. Menu->, Step up ->, Version should be 3.10 as shown below.


Please join us for a Camera West, hands-on, field workshop in and around the western movie set village of Pioneertown, 4 miles from Yucca Valley. There is an amazing variety of subject matter to photograph. We can explore black and white, panoramic, still life, landscape, and people photography. We will learn to manage color, light, mood, composition and design by increasing our visual awareness.

We will begin with a 1 PM seminar. There will be a staged gun fight at 2:30 PM followed by picture scouting and coached photography until a 4 PM progress review.  Free photo time continues until 7PM. Food and facilities are available.

Please RSVP soon. We are limited to only 10 participants. Cost is $195/person.

Please contact or call 760.992.5422.

New Leica Digiscoping Adapters


The Leica APO-Televid Spotting Scopes are now compatible with the Q camera using a specially-designed adapter ring for fast and easy mounting. This turns the wide-angle Q into a 700-1400mm monster, taking full advantage of the 24-megapixel full frame sensor and Summilux lens. Adding in the 1.8x extender allows for up to a 2,550mm lens equivalent.

For those without Q bodies, Leica has a 35mm objective lens integrated with a ring adapter to mount to your favorite camera body, including the T, SL, or any M body with live view. On an APS-C sensor, the Digiscoping Objective Lens covers a range or 775mm to 1,550mm, and over 3,000mm with the 1.8x extender. 35mm Objective Lenses to start shipping in late April of 2016, so swing in and get yours reserved today!