Hasselblad: Check-to-Spec Service Special

Hasselblad is offering a Check-to-Speck service special. Bring your camera, lens, viewfinder, digital or film magazine back to its original factory spec.

While Hasselblad cameras and accessories are built to the highest standards and use the finest materials available, regular service is an important maintenance precaution. Mechanical and electronic components can gradually drift out of tolerance through regular use affecting alignment, focus, shutter speed accuracy, and other vital functions.

The Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Special will ensure your camera system is functioning as well today as it did the first day you used it.

This service special includes diagnostic and functionality check of:

  • 1 H-System body or V-System camera body
  • 1 Hasselblad digital magazine or film magazine
  • 1 Lens
  • 1 Viewfinder
Checks and Services Performed
Camera Body (V System only)
  • Body length and alignment
  • Mirror alignment
  • Overall camera functionality
  • Inspect and clean exterior surfaces
For 503CX/CXi/CW Series
  • TLL/OTF meter (if applicable)
For EL Series cameras
  • Battery and motor function
Waist Level or Prism Viewfinder
  • For metered Prism Viewfinders: check for metering for unit accuracy
  • Inspect and clean exterior surfaces
  • Focus check on the Collimator
  • Shutter speed accuracy
  • Inspect and clean exterior surfaces
Roll Film Magazines
  • Film flatness
  • Frame spacing
  • Inspect and clean surfaces
Digital magazine services performed
  • Complete cosmetic inspection and functionality check
  • Firmware updates
  • Clean LCD display and protected glass areas
  • Check for dust, spots, and scratches on the IR Filter
Additional Services Available:
Note: These optional specials are only available at the time of Check-to-Spec service. 
  • Roll Film Magazine: Replace light trap and foils $82.50 per magazine.


A credit card is required before the Check-to-Spec service can begin. The $99.00 fee covers the inspection and evaluation of one of each of the following V System components: any 500, 200 or 900 series camera body; any Zeiss lens; any roll film magazine; any waist level or prism viewfinder or prism meter viewfinder. The $159.00 fee covers the inspection and evaluation of one of each of the following H System components: Any H Series camera body; any HC/HCD lens; H viewfinder; H film magazine or H digital magazine. Check-to-Spec is valid for complete system: body, lens, viewfinder and film/digital magazine. Additional V or H bodies lenses and magazines can be included under the Check-to-Spec special for an additional cost of $36.50 each. The above fees do not include applicable taxes and shipping charges, which will be added to the invoice. If during the course of the Check-to-Spec service, a problem is identified with one of the system components that is beyond the scope of this service inspection, a separate estimate will be provided for your review and approval. On repairs that are approved while the equipment is at Hasselblad Bron we will extend a 20% discount on the labor rate.
For more information, you may give Camera West Walnut Creek or Rancho Mirage a call directly at 925-935-1424 or 760-992-5422

Benro Introduces the KH Video Tripod Kits

Benro announced two new KH entry-level video tripod kits today as a replacement for their popular AD71FK5 model. Both KH kits are designed for more demanding, entry-level filmmakers and videographers – allowing for precise and smooth movements for panning and tilting.

Both the Benro KH25N Video Tripod Kit and the KH26NL Video Tripod Kit are ideal for compact digital video cameras, HDSLRs, and still cameras with long lenses weighing up to 11 lb (5 kg). These tripods feature an improved leg locking system as well as an improved fluid pan and fluid tilt head.

The KH25N and KH26NL are sturdy and lightweight. Both feature a 60mm bowl and head-mounted bubble level to ensure proper alignment for accurate camera placement and level planning. An interchangeable pan arm allows both right and left-handed use. The tripods feature twist-lock levers on the dual stage leg system allow you to make specific height adjustments rapidly and easily. A padded soft case is included with each kit at no extra cost.

The KH25N tripod extends from a minimum height of 28.9 in (73.4 cm) to a maximum height of 61.0 in (155 cm). The tripod can be folded to a length of 30.5 in (77.4 cm) making it easy to transport.The KH26NL tripod extends from a minimum height of 33.9 in (86.0 cm) to an impressive maximum height of 72.0 in (182 cm). The tripod can be folded to a length of 35.2 in (89.4 cm) making it easy to transport.

Kits include: KH25N or KH26NL tripod kit, QR11 sliding plate, BS07 pan arm, carrying case with strap and a 5-Year warranty.

The KH Video Tripods will replace the AD71FK5 model which is now discontinued. Please stop by or call us today to order!


Artist talk and signing at San Francisco Camerwork on June 29th

There will be an artist talk and book signing at San Francisco Camerawork on Wednesday, June 29th from 6:00-8:00p.m. The evening will feature Jona Frank: Modern Girls and Mimi Plumb: The Girls. SF Camerawork is located at 1011 Market Street, 2nd Floor in San Francisco.

Jona Frank: The Modern Kids http://jonafrank.com/  Jona will give an artist talk and sign copies of her new book, The Modern Kids (Keher Verlag). Beginning in 2010, Frank explored and photographed an amateur boxing club in a working-class community outside Liverpool, England. These photographs combine the qualities of formal portraiture with the intimacy of viewing the sport from a woman’s point of view. The book features an essay by artist and filmmaker Bruce Weber.

Mimi Plumb: Will open the evening with her ongoing project, The Girls. For the past five years, Plumb has been making color portraits of young women who remind her of her 1970′s suburban roots. http://www.mimiplumb.com/

Founded in 1974, SF Camerawork’s mission is to encourage and support emerging artists to explore new directions and ideas in the photographic arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, they strive to create an engaging platform for artistic exploration as well as community involvement and inquiry. SF Camerawork is a membership-based organization, for more information to become a member or to renew your membership check our their website here: http://www.sfcamerawork.org/membership


Jay Tyrell: Atomic Mirrors is now at SFO!

Jay Tyrell’s Atomic Mirrors is now installed at San Francisco International Airport. It is located in the upper level of terminal 1, boarding area C. You don’t need to pass TSA to see this outstanding exhibit that was at Camera West earlier this year. The exhibit will be shown from now until the end of July.

For more information on the show: www.flysfo.com/museum/exhibitions/jay-tyrrell-atomic-mirrors

Congratulations Jay! 

Untitled #71
Jay Tyrrell (b. 1944)
pigment ink print

Buy a Pico Light and get any Pico Accessory for 30% off

We are excited to announce that the Pico Light Promotion is going on right now! For a limited time only – You can save big and add Pico Light to your Lighting Collection.

Between April 26th, 2016 and June 30th, 2016 customers can receive 30% discount on any Pico Accessory when they purchase a Pico Light.

Buy one… List Price
Pico Light Lamphead $1,361.95
Get any one Pico Accessory at 30% off List Price Promo Price
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Projection Spot $1,451.95 $1,016.36
Fresnel Spot $581.95 $407.36
Honeycomb Gridset / Snoot $394.95 $276.46
Picobox $974.95 $682.46

The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. Pico light and accessory must be on the same order. Limit one accessory at 30% off per Pico light purchased. Prior sales are excluded. For more details stop by or call Camera West Walnut Creek at 925-935-1424 or Rancho Mirage at 760-992-5422.