Introducing a retro-inspired alternative to conventional and obvious laptop cases for carrying expensive technical devices discreetly – ThinkTank’s Retrospective Laptop Bags. Inspired by the popularity of the inconspicuous Retrospective canvas shoulder bags, these new laptop bags are available in 13″ and 15″ sizes, three color options, and either sand-washed 100% premium cotton canvas or polyspun.

The casual look will appeal to today’s laptop owners whose personal style resonates with classic materials and design, as well as wanting their electronics to be readily accessible yet well concealed.

Priced from $149.75 – $159.75.

New from ThinkTank : Sub Urban Disguise

The Sub Urban Disguise 5

ThinkTank will soon be releasing a new concept in premium quality camera shoulder bags, the Sub Urban Disguise. The Sub Urban Disguises are designed for the professional photographer seeking smaller capacity camera bags and amateur photographers upgrading their bodies or using one to two lenses along with their new body.

The Sub Urban Disguise Series will be available in four sizes: the Sub Urban™ Disguise 5, Sub Urban™ Disguise 10, Sub Urban™ Disguise 20, and Sub Urban™ Disguise 30. Their features include a flip-top lid that folds away from the body to provide quick and unencumbered access to gear. The series meets the high-quality design standards of the original Think Tank Urban Disguise® series, but for smaller gear or photographers who want to travel light.

The Sub Urban Disguise 5 holds a regular size DSLRs with one to two small telephotos or primes, or a D700 with a 18-200 attached. It also accommodates Micro 4/3rds, Leica and Sony NEX systems. Great for Strobists as it fits two to three pro-size flashes.

The Sub Urban Disguise 10 holds a regular size DSLRs with two to three small telephotos or primes, or a D700 with a 18-200 at­tached. It also fits three pro-size flashes.

The Sub Urban Disguise 20 holds regular size DSLRs with three to four small telephotos or primes or a D700 with a 18-200 at­tached. It fits four to five pro-size flashes.

The Sub Urban Disguise 30 fits a regular size DSLR and two to four standard telephoto lenses, or a D700 with a 24-70 2.8 attached. It can also hold an iPad or similarly-sized tablet.

A Unique Backpack from Mindshift Gear

The innovators at ThinkTank Photo have come up with another bag. No surprises here! But what is surprising is they have formed a new company called Mindshift Gear to develop and soon produce this new bag, a very unique backpack. It will be like no other ThinkTank bag in that it will be geared for the outdoor shooter, rather than the city shooter like all of ThinkTank’s other bags.

MindShift is dedicated to building carrying solutions for those who are passionate about experiencing the natural world. They were founded by the creators of Think Tank Photo and conservation photographer Daniel Beltra. Their slogan, “Engage with nature,” challenges people to not only become involved in outdoor activities, but to create a conversation about nature and our relationship to the environment.

The new backpack is called the Rotation 180º Professional featuring something that no other backpack does – an integrated camera waist pack that rotates out of the lower section to the front of the body, allowing instant access. Releasing and rotating the waist pack can be done in seconds, letting you quickly change lenses, filters, or other accessories.

Traditional backpacks have to be taken off and placed on the ground to fully access your gear. As a photographer this is a significant problem since you are regularly switching equipment during a shoot. Outdoor terrain does not always allow a pack to be put on the ground. At some point this process becomes cumbersome and inhibits your ability to stay in the creative “zone.” The rotation180º professional lets you maintain your creative momentum when working in the field. Since the backpack always stays on your back you can stand right in the river or continue walking, hiking, or climbing, and stay focused on taking pictures.

Mindshift Gear has turned to Kickstarter to help fund their ambitious project and with just a few days left, they have received over 400% of their $30,000. goal. The new backpack will be available this spring.