New Leica S in the House

Leica S Product Specialist Ben Ross (2nd from right) goes over the new Leica S features as Leica Rep Tom Brichta, and customers Steven Foon and Dr. Peter Rowe look on.

Leica’s S Product Specialist Ben Ross visited Camera West in Walnut Creek yesterday bringing with him a shiny new Leica S Typ 006. It was our first opportunity to get trained by Ben on all the new features of this new updated Leica S. I must say it’s quite an impressive camera!

The S has a huge 37.5mp 30x45mm sensor capable of 16-bit color with no low-pass filter, producing unparalleled optical performance with Leica’s S glass.

Of course the S is a real attention-getter and sure enough, customers were all over the new S checking it out.

Leica M9 shooter William Palank tries out the new S.

Camera West Walnut Creek manager Dan Leto shows the new S Calendar to customers Dr. Peter Rowe and Steven Foon. The Leica S-System calendar is a collection of 12 hand-selected images by acclaimed British photographer Rankin.

The new S Typ 006 is not yet in stock but we are taking orders and can get one in your hands soon!

New Firmware for the Leica S2, S2-P

Leica Camera announces a new firmware, version, now available for the Leica S2 and S2- P cameras. Registered S2 customers can download the new firmware from the Leica Owners’s Area.

The new firmware will enable the following:

  • Support the new Leica S- Lens: Leica Super- Elmar- S 1:3.5 / 24 mm ASPH.
  • Support the new Leica S- Lens: Leica Vario- Elmar- S 1:3.5- 5.6 / 30- 90 mm ASPH.
  • Support the new Leica S central shutter lenses.
  • Transfer the exact camera white balance setting for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • In exposure mode – shutter speed priority (T-mode), the selected exposure time has priority even if it results to over or underexposure.

Oregon Coast with a Leica

Oregon Sunset with the Leica S2

Meyer Beach with the Leica V - Lux 40

The moon sets near Bandon, Oregon shot with the Leica S2

Leica representative and our good friend Tom Brichta has been roaming the always beautiful Oregon coast with his S2 and V-Lux 40. He has been sending us a few photos just to make us jealous I’m sure. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of them. And if you happen to be travelling up the coast and see a classic VW Vanagon, wave it’s most likely Tom!

Tom's classic Volkswagen Vanagon shot with his Leica Monochrom

The New Leica S Details

Optimum image quality
The Leica S features a specially designed and more efficient autofocus system. The sensitivity range of its sensor has also been increased: its lowest sensitivity of ISO 100 allows longer working at maximum aperture in bright conditions and the highest setting of ISO 1600 ensures perfect exposures under even the most adverse lighting conditions. Ultimate imaging quality is guaranteed.

Fast and efficient
The 2 GB buffer memory plays a significant role in the increased image-processing speed. It also allows extended sequences to be shot in continuous-shooting mode. The Leica S can capture up to 32 consecutive images in DNG format with lossless compression at a maximum rate of 1.5 frames per second. In JPEG-only mode, the number of images in sequence is limited only by memory card capacity.

Intuitive handling
The intuitive handling concept of the new Leica S gets by with a minimum of control elements. All functions are displayed in a clear and simple layout on the monitor screen and settings are entered with four soft keys and a click wheel. Brand new features of the control concept are a five-way switch in the form of a mini-joystick and an even clearer layout of the user interface.

Integrated GPS
The Leica S is the only professional DSLR to feature an integrated GPS module. This allows the registration of exposure location details in the EXIF data of each image file. Local times and time zones are automatically synchronised. The software provided allows the location and capture time of each image to be plotted on a map.

Dual memory card support
The Leica S has two memory card slots for writing data simultaneously to CompactFlash and SD cards. The advantages: increased memory capacity and faster write speeds. The workflow also becomes easier, as DNG files for processing and JPEGs for image review can be saved separately on different cards.

Top connectivity
Dust- and splash-proof interfaces allow connection of the new Leica S with Macs or PCs via cable to its LEMO USB port – to read images from memory cards, control the camera remotely or to integrate studio flash systems, for example. An HD TV can also be connected for precise image review. Appropriate cables with robustly constructed strain-relief connectors are supplied with the camera.

New Leica S and Lenses Including a Tilt Shift

The new S with the Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90 mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH, Leica TS-APO-Elmar-s 120 mmf5.6 ASPH, and the Leica Super-Elmar-S 24 mm f3.5 ASPH.

The new Leica S is similar to the original, only faster, offering 2gb ram with the ability to capture 32 raw images without interruption.  The new camera also has an expanded ISO range and a higher resolution lcd than the original S2. There is also a joystick to review the images.  

Leica has also announced 3 new S lenses. The Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90 mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH, Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mmf5.6 ASPH, and the Leica Super-Elmar-S 24 mm f3.5 ASPH.

Founder and CEO of Camera West Sean Cranor is in Cologne, Germany bringing you the latest news, updates and photos from Photokina 2012. Watch for these updated daily reports here on the Camera West Blog.