Adobe Photoshop CC is Now Available For Download

Adobe has released their new version of Photoshop dubbed Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). Don’t go looking for this version to buy however because it is only available for those who have signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

The most notable new feature to Photoshop CC is the Shake Reduction filter, which is found in in the Sharpen menu of Filters. This feature allows you to remove some of the blur that comes from shooting at a slow shutter speed and moving your camera ever so slightly. Another new feature is Adobe Camera Raw can now be used as a filter. This lets you access the Raw control panel for your jpeg images.

Other notable features are Smart Sharpen upgrade, Dynamic round corners for shapes, smart object liquify, 3D layer enhancements and more. For a full list of new features, or to join Adobe Creative Cloud, go to