Fireworks with a Twist Photo Walk

Photo by Michael Maloney

Join Michael for a new twist (literally!) on shooting fireworks. The technique we will practice is a unique one. Rather than just letting the fireworks paint our image, we will change our focus during the exposure, getting the unusual effects you see in these photos. We will be shooting the fireworks show after the Oakland A’s game at the Coliseum. You will not need to buy a ticket for the game as we will not be in the stadium. The fireworks show happens after the game.

What to bring :

  • A digital camera that will allow you to shoot in bulb and manual focus mode
  • A manual focus lens – wide angle to 50mm range
  • A tripod
  • A remote release
  • A neutral density filter – 3 stops would be ideal. A polarizer can work in a pinch.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

8 – 10 pm

Oakland Coliseum

Cost : $50.

Participation will be limited to only 12 participants so sign up soon! Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.


Photo by Michael Maloney

Photo by Michael Maloney

Rodeo Beach Sunset Photo Walk

Photo by Michael Maloney

Join Michael on this photo walk to Marin County where we will take a short walk along Rodeo Beach to photograph the sea stacks just off shore. These unusual rock formations rise out of the shore break and are the perfect focal point for a beautiful sunset photo.

We will shoot as the sun sets, (keeping our fingers crossed for lots of color!) and then continue shooting into twilight, increasing our exposures to get that silky smooth look to the water.

Michael will be on hand to help you get photos you’ll be proud of. You will learn how to choose just the right shutter speed to convey motion, how to use graduated neutral density filters, how to determine proper exposure at night and also how to effectively light foreground objects with light painting.

Only requirements for this photo walk are a solid tripod, a remote shutter release and a flashlight. Also bring along neutral density filters and graduated ND filters if you can.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Cost : $50.

This photo walk is limited to just 12 participants so sign up soon. Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek if you would like to join us.


El Paseo Cruise Night Photo Walk

​Join Camera West Rancho Mirage as we attend the Cruise Night on El Paseo for a photo walk. This event presents a great opportunity for automotive photography. Capture classic American muscle and exotic European cars alike. We will meet as the cars begin arriving on the upper parking level of The Gardens on El Paseo at 3:15p.m. This will be the perfect place to get some great shots of the vehicles while parked. At 4:30p.m. the cruise down El Paseo begins. This photo walk is free of charge. Take a walk down “the Boulevard” with Camera West!

Friday, March 6th, 2015

3:15 – 6:00 PM


Please call or email Camera West Rancho Mirage for more info or to sign up.


Waterfalls Hike up Cataract Creek

Thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday for the Camera West Walnut Creek photo walk to shoot the waterfalls along Cataract Creek in Marin County. We had an enthusiastic group of 14 shooters who learned how to get that perfect look to moving water in their photographs. Although the water flow could have been better, I’m grateful that it was still flowing! Last year I had to cancel this same photo walk due to a lack of water.

For those of you who would like to join us next time, I’ll be leading this same photo walk next year so get in the habit of checking our events tab on the Camera West website for our upcoming events.

Towering redwoods dwarf tiny Cataract Creek.

Participants relax alongside the upper pool at Cataract Creek.

A 2 second exposure provides a fluid movement to the water.

McCormick Car Auction Photo Walk

Do you like classic or exotic cars? With over 500 classic and exotic cars McCormick’s Car Auction is a fantastic destination for automotive photography.

Camera West in Rancho Mirage will be holding a photo walk Friday afternoon, February 20th from 2-5pm. This year’s auction will be held at the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs. We will meet at the main entrance at 2:00 pm. We invite all to join us in some creative automotive photography. This photo walk is free of charge. We recommend that you bring a camera, lens, and possibly a circular polarizer in order to cut down on reflective surfaces.

Friday, February 20th

2pm – 5pm

Call Camera West Rancho Mirage for more details