Cataract Creek Waterfalls Photo Walk

Take a hike with Michael from Camera West in Walnut Creek on this photo walk alongside beautiful Cataract Creek on the north slope of Mt Tamalpais in Marin County. This winter’s rains have provided plenty of water for tiny Cataract Creek producing a series of small waterfalls that drop through a forest canopy of redwood, Douglas fir, oak, and maple trees.

This photo walk is for photographers of all abilities. Only requirements are a camera that will allow you to manually set the shutter speed, and a sturdy tripod. Michael will show you how to best photograph moving water and offer some tips to get that silky smooth look to the water.

This photo walk is limited to just 12 photographers so sign up early!

Saturday, February 6, 2016
10 AM
Cost : $50.00

Call or email us at Camera West in Walnut Creek to sign up.


Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon Photo Walk

Photos by Michael Maloney

With Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ playing in my head, I waited along with 20 friends of Camera West on a beautiful San Francisco evening for the moon to make her appearance. However, Mother Nature had other plans, testing our patience as the eclipsed moon did not appear on schedule due to a pesky layer of clouds.

But when she finally appeared, it was breathtaking. The night sky was in darkness but the Bay Bridge lights added a bit of sparkle to the scene.

Thank you to all the photo walk participants who joined me to witness this. I can’t wait to see the photos you came up with!

- Michael

We were treated to a colorful sunset, but unfortunately those beautiful clouds hid the moon until well after dark.

Deanna trains her Leica T on the lights of SF, while Abe aims his Nikon at the Bay Bridge.

Phil's Nikon mounted on a gimbal head gave him a solid foundation.

Lunar Eclipse Photo Walk

December 11, 2011 Lunar Eclipse (also known as a "Blood Moon") Photo by Michael Maloney

We are pleased to announce that Michael from our Camera West Walnut Creek staff will again start up his series of popular monthly photo walks.

Each month, he picks a different theme, subject or location in the bay area. These low key photo walks are your opportunity to learn more about your camera and how to more comfortably shoot various subjects. Photographers of all abilities are welcome.

This month’s photo walk will take us to Marin County where we will photograph an extra special show in the night sky – a rare supermoon lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its shadow. This only occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are perfectly aligned. From our location, we will photograph the moon as it rises over the Golden Gate Bridge during the peak of the eclipse.

On Sunday, September 27th, conditions should be perfect as the eclipsing supermoon rises near the same time as the sun sets. This gives us the ability to capture detail in both the full moon and the landscape. Michael will be on hand to help with proper exposure and offer tips to help you get a photo you will be proud of.

Don’t miss this opportunity! The next supermoon lunar eclipse won’t come around until 2033. Sign up early, as participation will be limited to just 12 photographers.

Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Cost : $50.00
Call or email Michael at Camera West Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.

Lunar Eclipse and the Golden Gate Bridge, April 4, 2014 Photo by Michael Maloney

Fireworks with a Twist

Thank you to the great group of photographers who joined me last night for the Camera West Fireworks with a Twist Photo Walk at the Oakland Coliseum.

We were there to shoot the fireworks show after the A’s baseball game. But rather than shoot fireworks in the traditional method, we added a twist – as in twisting the focus ring during the exposure. What this gives you is a beautiful bokeh to in-focus fireworks burst painted on your image. We also twisted the focus in the opposite way – in-focus to out-of-focus for the opposite effect.

It was challenging because you had to be quick trying to anticipate where the burst was going to be and then quickly open your shutter and twist the focus ring, all in the span of just 2-3 very short seconds. But when it all came together, you had a unique image unlike any other fireworks photo.

Sunset Photo Walk at Rodeo Beach

Sunset at Rodeo Beach

Landscape photographers have to accept whatever Mother Nature cares to share with us, and on Saturday it was all about wind! But that did not damper the spirits of 13 enthusiastic photographers who joined me on our Camera West photo walk at Rodeo Beach in Marin County.

Rodeo Beach has a picturesque trio of sea stacks just off shore and they were our main focus. We met shortly before sunset, and then keep shooting well into the night increasing our shutter speeds to get that magical look to the water that only long exposures can give you. I love this type of photography where you never know what you’re going to get -just letting the motion of the water paint your image and provide you with visual surprises.

A 5 second exposure just after sunset provides movement to the water.

Aisling sets up a photo on Rodeo Beach.

Rafael photographs the crashing surf.

Rafael and Richard use their hats to shade their lenses from the setting sun.

A 4 minute exposure using a flashlight to paint detail on the rocks.

Next month’s photo walk will be in Oakland where we will photograph the fireworks after an Oakland A’s game. I’ll demonstrate a unique way to shoot them to produce some very unusual affects.

Details here :