Best Canon 5D Mark II Ever

A rather odd looking Canon 5D Mark II, modified to accept a Leica Noctilux

Robert Benson had the $6,500.00 Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.0 lens and no body to put it on, so what did he do? He modified a Canon 5D Mark II to accept the exotic lens. “This has been my obsession for more than a two months, and its now complete. ” he said “The camera above is (was) a Canon 5dmk2. I wanted to use Leica rangefinder “M” lenses on it, but of course you cant, because the Leica flange distance is really short – shorter than the Canon EOS – the Leica have to be mounted closer to sensor to work. So I ripped apart a camera, modified it, and now I have a camera better than the Leica M9, at a fraction of the cost.”

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The password to download the full rez files is : download

BTW Benson will modify a Canon for you just in case you happen to have a spare Noctilux in your closet.