New Quick Release Plate System from Manfrotto

Manfrotto has just announced the Top Lock Quick Release, a new quick release system for their heads, making them compatible with other arca style heads.

Key Benefits and Features of Top Lock Quick Release System :

  • Easier to use with fail-safe support
  • Top Lock’s clamp element allows the camera to be dropped in from above – easier than trying to align and slide it in from the side. It has a safety pin that stops the plate and camera from slipping out of the head, even if the QR lock is inadvertently left open.
  • Helps achieve straighter images and more accurate framing in-camera
  • Three independent bubbles help level the camera against all axes of rotation, ensuring the full frame is usable and also reducing time spent in post-production.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made from light aluminum and stainless steel offering weight savings without any performance sacrifices.

Soon available as a plate, an adapter or in complete pro ball heads such as the Manfrotto 054 Magnesium Ball Head, with Q6 Top Lock Quick Release (below).

New KLYP from Manfrotto

Camera support maker Manfrotto has announced the launch of KLYP: a stylish solution designed to allow you to quickly attach a tripod or lighting accessory to your iPhone 4 and 4s. You simply slip the phone into the KLYP and attach your tripod or accessory. No word on a KLYP for the new iPhone or other phones at this time.

Price will be approximately $36.