First Leica M (Typ 240) Photos?

Photo by Pandachief / HK LFC

This could quite possibly be one of the first released images taken with the new Leica M.

A Hong Kong Leica forum member who goes by the screen name Pandachief claims to have taken this photo with the new Leica M with a 50mm f1.0 Noctilux, wide open at ISO 2000. He published this photo and others on the HK LFC forum. The photos appear to have been taken at some sort of low lit dinner party.

Leica enthusiasts have been anxious to see images from this highly anticipated rangefinder mostly because unlike the M9, this camera uses a CMOS sensor. Unfortunately, these photos from Pandachief are not original files so it is impossible to really judge the quality but hopefully soon, we’ll see some raw files released by Leica.

The M (Typ 240) will be available sometime in January. Give us a call here at Camera West for more info or to order one.

Check out more photos on the HK LFC site.