To the Moon and Back Again: The Hasselblad HEC

On the 21st through the 27th of December 1968, NASA sent a manned space ship to orbit the moon. On this mission NASA equipped its astronauts with refitted Hasselblad 500 EL cameras. These cameras were refitted by Hasselblad under guidance from NASA, and renamed HEC for Hasselblad Electric Camera.

These cameras underwent extensive modification to accommodate for lunar missions. These modifications included, replacement of leatherette covering with aluminum plates, removal of mirror assembly, control mechanism, and auxiliary shutter, removal of finder and glass focusing plane, replacement of film magazine with 70mm magazine, replacement of film magazine lock with a larger lock that could be operated with thick gloves, modification of the shutter, modification of aperture and focusing rings by adding tabs, so that they could be operated with gloves, painting of the entire body black, adding a hing to the batter cover panel, and replacement of the charger/cable release socket for a larger shutter release pad.

Our Hasselblad 500 HEC comes in great condition, with a 80mm 2.8 Planar lens, and a 200 exposure 70mm magazine. All of the markings and numbers on the body, lens and magazine are correct and unaltered. This is truly an exquisite Hasselblad and NASA collectors item.

The Stellar and Lunar from Hasselblad

We have these unique cameras from Hasselblad in stock at Camera West. Come on by, put one in your hands and check out their unique craftsmanship.

The Hasselblad Stellar redefines quality with its elegantly designed aluminum body and metal operation controls. Only the finest materials are used to craft the ergonomic handgrip, making it a beautifully powerful, pocket-sized camera. Exquisite image quality and high-end handling are available for the first time in a truly compact camera. The Stellar collection comprises seven models, each with their own form and style.

Combining traditional skills, the development of special techniques, and a passion for perfection, the Hasselblad Lunar is born from exceptional quality. Lunar is unique because each model is perfected one by one, yet different as only the hand of an artist can make them. The Lunar collection comprises five models, each with their own form and style.

New Hasselblad Lunar Shipping

Swedish tradition, Italian design…come to Camera West  and check out the very unique one-of-a-kind Hasselblad Lunar, a 24.3 megapixel mirrorless camera utilizing Sony’s E-Mount.

Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad is finally shipping the Lunar after it was announced at Photokina last year. The camera comes with your choice of grips: black or brown leather, carbon fiber, and wood: mahogany or olive, to be precise. The Lunar includes an 18-55mm lens and is priced at $6995.

Lunar – Hasselblad’s ‘Ultimate Luxury’ Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced medium format camera system, has announced a revolutionary plan to market a state-of-the-art, Italian-designed ‘ultimate luxury’ mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera early next year.

Luca Alessandrini Hasselblad’s New Business Development Manager said: “The Lunar is a celebration of the passion that the company’s founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography. We’ve developed this model in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality. This is a camera for both serious photographers and enthusiasts who aspire to shooting with a Hasselblad.”

He added: “And for the first time ever we are using carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals – including gold. The camera grip itself offers unparalleled ergonomics and has been developed to embrace both compact E-mount and the larger professional A-mount lenses.”

The Lunar, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2013, will be priced approximately $6,500.

Key Lunar features will include:

  • DSLR-like performance thanks to the highest technology APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25AF points focusing matched to an Ultra fast Processor with real time image process ing and accurate RAW to JPEG translation.
  • Accurate composition for both still and video in any light conditions thanks to the Ultra-bright 3” high definition display and revolutionary OLED viewfinder that guarantees superior contrast and ultra fast response.
  • One-touch instant full HD video recording to shoot in Auto or fully manual mode. Focus and exposition control plus the connection for an external microphone and the option to use larger A-mount lenses for professional video creation.
  • Instant shutter response (0.02 second release time lag) ten frames per second and an extremely Wide ISO 100 -16000 range.
  • The camera software includes an exceptionally comprehensive set of creative styles, picture effects, scene selections and the smart ”intelligent face registration” making the shooting experience even more fun.
  • Auto HD, DRO and Anti-motion blur mode.
  • An Innovative TriNavi system for DSLR-like tuning, two flash options and Anti dust system complete the Lunar state-of-the-art package.

Founder and CEO of Camera West Sean Cranor is in Cologne, Germany bringing you the latest news, updates and photos from Photokina 2012. Watch for these updated daily reports here on the Camera West Blog.

New Hasselblad Lunar

New Hasselblad Lunar at Photokina

From Photokina 2012: Hasselblad will be launching a new interchangable lens, mirrorless camera which utilizes the Sony E-Mount. The “ultimate luxury” Hasselblad Lunar will be a 24.3mp CMOS sensor with a 3″ OLED electronic viewfinder and ISO range of 100-16000.

25 auto-focus points, one-touch HD video recording and a large set of built-in picture effects, scene selections and creative styles, as well as uniquely designed grips and the ability to handle both E-Mount and A-Mount lenses rounds out the features of the new Lunar.

Design elements and materials for the new Hasselblad Lunar

Unique materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals, including gold are all utilized in the design and construction of the new Lunar, which offers unparalleled ergonomics.

The Lunar will launch in the first quarter of 2013.

Founder and CEO of Camera West Sean Cranor is in Cologne, Germany bringing you the latest news, updates and photos from Photokina 2012. Watch for these updated daily reports here on the Camera West Blog.