Jack Ottaway : The Compassionate Photographer

Photo © Jack Ottaway

Our good friend and customer Jack Ottaway is currently being featured on the Leica Blog.

Jack describes his photography as a “mash up of ‘street’, environmental portraiture, and reportage/documentary genres,” adding “the common denominator is of course people.”

He currently shoots with the Leica Monochrom because as he describes, the images look “less digital” than the files coming from his previous camera, the M9-P. Besides, when shooting with the M9-P, he was converting most of his work to B&W so acquiring the Monochom made perfect sense. ” I believe that when I am doing the work I do, especially photographing people, black-and-white allows me to bring attention to the expressions and emotions of the subject(s) and to not have a viewer distracted by a colorful environment or clothing.”

Although Jack is “retired”, he now makes photography his day job. Whether he’s making photographs, editing and post-processing photographs, making prints, posting images online, interacting with other photographers or broadening his knowledge related to art and photography, he stays very busy.

“People in any setting are endlessly fascinating to me. Every image with people included is inherently unique. Because I strive to depict life as it is, people are essential elements since they give life to an image.” – Jack Ottaway

Photo © Jack Ottaway

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