Hasselblad Masters 2016 Competition

Camera West customer and friend Faran Najafi is one of the top 10 finalists in the architecture category of the Hasselblad Masters 2016 competition. Quite an honor considering the level of competition!

Check out the following link to sign up and view all the top images chosen by Hasselblad. The winning photograph in each category is voted on by the public, so If you like Faran’s image (seen above), be sure to vote for it!


Special Offer from Hasselblad

Hasselblad has announced a special H5X lens bundle rebate offer. Purchase an H5X with either the HCD 24mm lens or the HCD 35-90mm zoom lens and receive a $2000 rebate from Hasselblad Bron, Inc.

The H5X camera body uses H5 technology and is commonly used with film magazines and 3rd party digital backs, and is aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F and H4X users wishing to upgrade to H5 capabilities. The H5X can also naturally act as a backup for H5D users too.

Offer valid between June 1st – August 31, 2015. Customers must purchase the H5X and lens of choice together. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. Offer valid in North America only.

Fantastic Trade-in Offers From Hasselblad!


Hasselblad is offering attractive prices and big savings when trading up to the new H5D-50c wifi.

Hasselblad is dedicated to providing top of the line camera solutions for those who need the best image quality possible. By moving into the H5D-50c wifi system you will have access to Hasselblad’s integrated system, featuring the most advanced and complete lens line along with powerful accessories.

Thanks to the new Wi-Fi module you can now connect Hasselblad Phocus Mobile software on your iPhone or iPad directly to the camera, enabling direct camera control and image browsing without a computer in sight. Of course this new H5D-50c with Wi-Fi boasts all the functionality of its sibling, including a 50 Megapixel CMOS sensor and excellent high ISO performance at up to ISO 6400.

New features and functionality including:

  • Live View : See a live image on the rear LCD even when the camera is untethered.
  • Capture rate : The capture rate now enables 50 captures per minute.
  • Longest exposure time : The longest shutter speed is now 34 minutes with no extra black exposure necessary.
  • Film : Now you can use film magazines on the H5D-50c.
  • Spirit level : Employ the built-in electronic spirit level even in tethered mode.

Trade-In Pricing Details :

Trade-in from a H4D-50, H5D-50, H4D-60
 : $15,700
  • Trade-in from a H4D-40 : 
  • Trade-in from a H4D-31: 
  • Trade-in from a H3DX-XX
 : $19,900
  • Trade-in from Hasselblad MF digital camera/back min. 16mp : 
  • Trade-in from a Phase One, Leaf, or Sinar back min. 16mp : 


Hasselblad H5D-50 CCD Promotion

Between Feb. 1st and March 31st, 2015 Hasselblad is offering a one-off exclusive to photographers who would like to buy the H5D-50 with CCD sensor for a discounted price of $19,995. There are a very limited number of cameras available and stock will run out soon.

The Hasselblad H5D-50 with 50 million pixel sensor has almost twice the capture area of the largest 35 mm DSLR sensors. The professional medium format camera with a CCD sensor is great for studio and location photography.


  • Versatile capture with up to 128 second exposure time.
  • 50 to 800 ISO.
  • Image raw size is 65 MB with a 16 bit color depth.
  • Optional print ready Jpeg in 1/4 resolution.
  • Color display is a 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color with a 460,320 pixel resolution.