Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon Photo Walk

Photos by Michael Maloney

With Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ playing in my head, I waited along with 20 friends of Camera West on a beautiful San Francisco evening for the moon to make her appearance. However, Mother Nature had other plans, testing our patience as the eclipsed moon did not appear on schedule due to a pesky layer of clouds.

But when she finally appeared, it was breathtaking. The night sky was in darkness but the Bay Bridge lights added a bit of sparkle to the scene.

Thank you to all the photo walk participants who joined me to witness this. I can’t wait to see the photos you came up with!

- Michael

We were treated to a colorful sunset, but unfortunately those beautiful clouds hid the moon until well after dark.

Deanna trains her Leica T on the lights of SF, while Abe aims his Nikon at the Bay Bridge.

Phil's Nikon mounted on a gimbal head gave him a solid foundation.

Moonrise over the City Photo Walk

Thank you to everyone who joined me last night for the Camera West photo walk out to Kirby Cove in Marin County. Luck was with us as we witnessed a beautiful fog-free full moon rise over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The moon rose right on schedule, between two SF landmarks – the Transamerica Pyramid and the Bank of America building. At one point, the moon appeared to just touch the top of the B of A building, looking like a giant golf ball on a tee.

As twilight faded into night, our shooting wasn’t over. We just swapped our telephotos for wide angles and practiced shooting long exposures of the water, Golden Gate Bridge and the city skyline. We even tried a bit of light painting using ignited steel. More on that technique in a future photo walk I will be leading.

I’ve asked our photo walk participants to share their images from the evening on our Camera West Photo Walk Flickr site so check them out here (soon) :

Moonrise Over SF Photo Walk

Photo by Michael Maloney

Join Michael as he leads a photo walk to beautiful Kirby Cove Beach in Marin County where we will photograph the rising full moon over the city and the Golden Gate Bridge.

This photo walk is open to photographers of all abilities. Only requirement is a camera and a tripod. Michael will be on hand to help you to set up your camera and give you guidance to come up with a beautiful photo you’ll be proud of.

On Thursday, June 12th at sunset, the full moon will rise directly over the city and the Golden Gate Bridge allowing you to get detail in both the moon and the landscape.

Thursday, June 12th
7:00 PM
Cost : $25.00
Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.

Photo walk participants shoot the rising moon over the Golden Gate Bridge during last summer's Camera West Photo Walk from Kirby Beach. - Photo by Michael Maloney

The view from Kirby Cove in Marin County. - Photo by Michael Maloney

Two-Toned Moonrise from Kirby Cove - Photo by Michael Maloney



September Photo Walk : Full Moon Over Rat Rock Island

Moonrise over Rat Rock Island

For our September photo walk, Michael is leading us to a small beach near San Rafael in Marin County where we will photograph the full moon as it rises over an island with a very unique name : Rat Rock island.

On Thursday evening, September 19th, the moon will rise just as the sun is setting giving us a rare opportunity to have detail in both the landscape and the moon. This only happens one day a month and on this particular day, we will be lined up perfectly to get an image similar to the photo above.

There are a few tricks however to get clarity in a moonrise photo so Michael will be on hand to help guide you to come up with photos you will be proud of.

Waiting for the moon from Rat Rock Beach

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Cost  : $25.00

 We must limit this to just 12 participants so sign up soon!

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.


Full Moon Photo Walk from Kirby Cove

With tripods ready, Sandy, Jane and the rest of the group wait for the rising moon .

Thank you to everyone who participated in our moonrise over San Francisco photo walk Friday evening.

The weather was almost too perfect for our full moon shoot as I much prefer having some interesting clouds in the photos but at least the fog stayed away!

Our tripods were set up on Kirby Cove Beach, a beautiful vantage point just west of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge where we had a breath-taking water’s edge view of the bridge and the city skyline.

Conrad aims his Canon 300mm f2.8 with a 1.4 converter at a passing container ship.

Right on schedule, the moon made its appearance, here rising above the Bank of America building.

Most of us continued shooting well into the night as the moon rose above the Golden Gate Bridge.

Come join us for future photo walks! Michael from the Walnut Creek store leads one a month which you can access through the Events tab on the left of this page. Sign up early as they all fill up very quickly.