Leica in the Landscape 2016

Under the tutelage of western landscape photographer Michael Phaling and Leica Akademie instructor Tom Brichta, Leica Akademie has scheduled a series of 4 California workshops covering some of California’s most beautiful and rugged landscapes.

Photographers of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Learn along with experienced landscape photographers that will work to inspire you and your creativity. Learn what it takes to produce your best work and enjoy the demands of photographing the landscape.

In 2017, a traveling exhibit of the participants work will go on display at the Leica Store SF, Leica Store LA, and Camera West in Walnut Creek and Rancho Mirage.

Sign up for any or all of the workshops listed below.


New Firmware for the Nikon D4S and D750

Nikon has released firmware updates for its D750 and D4S DSLRs, providing both with a new external recording control option for use with external recorders using Atomos Open Protocol. Also, the D750′s firmware version 1.10 introduces ‘optimal vibration reduction’ with vibration reduction lenses.

Additional firmware updates for both cameras relate to bug fixes in movie live view, and the D750′s update addresses some minor problems with HDR mode and in-camera Raw processing among other things.



Personalize the Look of Your Leica M 240

Would you like a camera to match your unique character? Leica M à la carte makes it possible to redesign your Leica M the way you always wanted it to be! Whether it’s an analogue or digital Leica M – this is your opportunity to make it unique!

Choose from a selection of premium leather finishes, engravings and a multitude of bespoke options to create your own, individual personal work of art. Stop by Camera West, and we can help you configure your new look!