Special Offer to Nikon Shooters from Profoto

With the incredible success of the Profoto B1 for Canon, Profoto is offering Nikon shooters a way to take advantage of the portability of the B1 today, while you wait for Nikon TTL compatibility later this year.

Customers that purchase new B1 units with a standard Profoto Air Remote – will be able to trade in their standard air remote and pay the difference when available.

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Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash

Profoto has revolutionized the lighting game by releasing the B1 Off-Camera Flash: a powerful cordless monolight with TTL metering capabilities.

The B1 combines all of the best parts of a studio strobe and a portable speedlight. Like a speedlight, it is cordless and runs off of its own battery pack. It also offers TTL (through the lens) metering, but unlike a speedlight, this 500 watt head is much more powerful.

What Profoto is trying to do with the B1 is allow speedlight users to take their work to the next level without sacrificing portability and features in the name of power.

Attach the Air Remote TTL and you have the convenience of TTL metering from as far away as 100m (regular sync up to 300m away) The B1 is also fast with recycle times ranging from 0.1 seconds at low power to 1.9 seconds at full power, and when you set it to low it can flash as fast as 20 times per second!

The B1 and Air Remote TTL-C (denoting Canon compatibility only) are both available starting now, with the B1 going for $2,000 per head and the remote separately for $400.

For now, the TTL functionality is only available for Canon shooters (with E-TTL II support), but Profoto is promising a Nikon version of the Air Remote in 2014.