New Firmware for Canon 1DX

The comprehensive firmware update for the Canon EOS-1D X pro digital SLR that the company announced back in October 2013 is finally available. According to Canon, “Firmware Update Version 2.0.3 brings new levels of accuracy and versatility to the EOS-1D X DSLR camera’s incredible AF and exposure systems, as well as significant customization options.”

Some of the key features include:

  • Initial AF point selection and 61-point auto selection AF synchronization
  • AF point switching according to camera orientation
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Expanded minimum shutter speed in auto ISO

The firmware is free and can be downloaded here.

Product Advisory for the Canon EOS-1D X & EOS-1D C

If you own a EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera or a EOS-1D C Cinema EOS Camera, you’ll want to check your serial number to see if your camera is part of an autofocus recall from Canon. In some units, there is a possibility that the following phenomena may occur due to wear caused by insufficient lubrication within the camera’s driving mechanism.

  • AF searches but does not lock in on the subject. (Caused by minute particles produced by wear mentioned above.)
  • The image shown in the viewfinder is “blurry” or “not steady”. (Occurs if wear progresses.)

EOS-1D X : If the sixth digit of the serial number is “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6” or “7”, the phenomena described above may occur.

EOS-1D C : If the sixth digit of the serial number is “1”, the phenomena described above may occur.

However, If the camera’s battery compartment contains one of the markings illustrated below, the camera is NOT affected by the phenomena described above even if the sixth digit of the serial number is one of the numbers mentioned above.

Markings of UNAFFECTED cameras:

If your camera has a black mark between the silver brackets on the bottom of the battery compartment (left photo) or a "A" mark above the battery compartment (right photo), your camera is not part of the recall.

Potentially affected cameras will be inspected and repaired free of charge by Canon. Contact their Customer Support Center.

New Firmware for the Canon 1DX

Canon has released another firmware update for the 1DX. Firmware Version 1.2.4 incorporates the following functional improvements and fixes:

  • Improves the speed of the camera’s acquisition of focus when using a Canon Speedlite’s AF-assist beam.
  • Reduces the time it takes to display the metering result on the LCD or Viewfinder when the meter has been activated.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which a “Caution 02” message is unnecessarily recorded in the camera status log.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which continuous shooting pauses when using a Canon Speedlite.
  • Fixes a phenomenon, when the Canon GP-E1 is attached, in which the GPS device settings are reset to default settings when the camera has been powered off


New Firmware for the Canon 1DX

Canon has announced that a firmware update for its flagship EOS-1D X DSLR (Version 1.2.1) is now available for download.

Firmware Version 1.2.1 for the EOS-1D X incorporates the following improvements and fixes:

  • The function to disable the Image size selection button has been added.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which Err 70 and Err 80 may occur in very rare instances depending on the camera settings or shooting scene.

Get the firmware update here.