Waiting for the Harvest Moon

The setting sun paints an orange glow to the sky and hills beyond the bay as we wait for the rising harvest moon.

Thank you to everyone who joined me on the Camera West Photo Walk yesterday evening to photograph the rising full moon over Rat Rock Island. We had a good group of shooters and the conditions were perfect – no wind or fog!

Right on schedule, the harvest moon rose over Rat Rock Island and the hills above Pinole.

Kenny shoots from a bluff over Rat Rock Cove at China Camp State Park in Marin County.

Harvest Moon over Rat Rock Island

If interested in joining us for future photo walks, check out the Events link on the left side of this page. You must sign up early because they all fill up quickly.

See you on the next one!


Oakland Zoo Photo Walk

Photo by Michael Maloney

Thank you to everyone who joined me for the Camera West photo walk at the Oakland Zoo on Saturday.

We had a great group of shooters who had the opportunity to photograph some amazing animals, including my favorite zoo resident, 5 month old Mocha (above & below), the first baboon born at the Oakland Zoo in over 20 years.

Photo by Michael Maloney

Long lenses on monopods helped us get up close and sharp images of the fascinating zoo animals

Jan, Richard and Trish take a break to check out their photos.

If interested in joining us on future photo walks, be sure to check out the Events tab on the left of this page. Sign up early, as they all fill up quickly.

See you on the next one!

October Photo Walk : Exploring Fort Point

Photo : Michael Maloney

Come join Michael on another of his photo walks, this one exploring the historic Fort Point underneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Fort Point is a photographer’s playground. The brick architecture and symmetry throughout the historic fort that once guarded San Francisco offers a great lesson in composition and the study of light. Spiral staircases, long dark hallways, moss covered bricks, weather worn iron and spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay are just a few of the subjects to get your creative mind thinking about light and shadow and composition.

Sign up early for this photo walk as it will be limited to just 12 participants.

Photo : Michael Maloney

Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 am


Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.



San Rafael Twilights Photo Walk

Thank you to everyone who joined me Saturday evening to photograph the San Rafael Twilights bicycle race in downtown San Rafael. I hope you all had a good time, and learned something new in the process.

We had a good group of shooters and ample opportunity for action photos as the peloton sped around the 1 mile downtown race course multiple times at speeds up to 45 mph.

For those of you who missed out on this photo walk, we will hold it again next year. To keep up to date on the all the photo walks and events Camera West offers, check out the Events link on our website. Sign up early as they all fill up.

As evening sets, the peloton races down a small hill in front of the Mission San Raphael Church.

Some of the Camera West photo walkers waiting for the peloton

George shares his images with Amanda during a break in the action.

We practiced a favorite technique of mine for shooting action sports called panning. Using a slow shutter speed and trying to follow the movement.

As darkness fell, shooting became more of a challenge. Here I used a slow shutter speed on a stationary camera to expose the church, while firing a flash on rear curtain sync.

September Photo Walk : Full Moon Over Rat Rock Island

Moonrise over Rat Rock Island

For our September photo walk, Michael is leading us to a small beach near San Rafael in Marin County where we will photograph the full moon as it rises over an island with a very unique name : Rat Rock island.

On Thursday evening, September 19th, the moon will rise just as the sun is setting giving us a rare opportunity to have detail in both the landscape and the moon. This only happens one day a month and on this particular day, we will be lined up perfectly to get an image similar to the photo above.

There are a few tricks however to get clarity in a moonrise photo so Michael will be on hand to help guide you to come up with photos you will be proud of.

Waiting for the moon from Rat Rock Beach

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Cost  : $25.00

 We must limit this to just 12 participants so sign up soon!

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.