New Quick Release Plate System from Manfrotto

Manfrotto has just announced the Top Lock Quick Release, a new quick release system for their heads, making them compatible with other arca style heads.

Key Benefits and Features of Top Lock Quick Release System :

  • Easier to use with fail-safe support
  • Top Lock’s clamp element allows the camera to be dropped in from above – easier than trying to align and slide it in from the side. It has a safety pin that stops the plate and camera from slipping out of the head, even if the QR lock is inadvertently left open.
  • Helps achieve straighter images and more accurate framing in-camera
  • Three independent bubbles help level the camera against all axes of rotation, ensuring the full frame is usable and also reducing time spent in post-production.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made from light aluminum and stainless steel offering weight savings without any performance sacrifices.

Soon available as a plate, an adapter or in complete pro ball heads such as the Manfrotto 054 Magnesium Ball Head, with Q6 Top Lock Quick Release (below).