Holiday Gift Idea : Filters


Filters are a necessary part of a photographer’s inventory. They are as important as a camera or lens and can help you make memorable images. Filters also allow film and digital cameras to see things more like our eyes see a scene. The range of brightness that film and certainly digital sensors can record is far less than the human eye can see. To accurately render a scene as our eyes see it, we often need the help of filters.

Filters also help protect the expensive front element of your lens. Better to crack an inexpensive filter than the front element of your lens!

At Camera West we offer a full range of top quality filters from B+W, Heliopan, Schneider, and Lee, among others. Stop by and talk to our knowledgeable staff for recommendations on a filter for that photographer in your life.

They make great stocking stuffers!


Holiday Gift Idea : Workshops, Photo Walks and 1:1 Sessions

Camera West Photo Walk participants learn how to use reflectors to shoot the fall colors in the vineyards of Napa Valley last month

Consider giving a gift certificate for a Camera West Photo Walk, Workshop or One to One session during this holiday season to someone special in your life…or treat yourself!

At Camera West, we offer all kinds of activities every month of the year. If you want to learn more about your camera, or processing your images, consider a one hour one to one session. These are offered at both our Rancho Mirage store and in Walnut Creek. Same for all of the seminars and workshops which you can find listed on our events page and calendar.

Michael in our Walnut Creek store also offers fun, inexpensive monthly photo walks. These are geared towards photographers of all abilities and cover a wide variety of subjects and locations. A great way to learn more about photography and have fun in the process. Again, check out the events and calendar links on the Camera West website for more details.

Holiday Gift Idea : Mefoto Tripods

Tripod maker Benro calls them tripods with personality. The Benro MeFOTO Metallic Travel Tripod Kits feature an exceptional combination of materials, construction and features – plus a splash of color!

Only 12.6″ when folded yet 51.2″ extended, the Travel Tripod weighs 2.6lbs. and can support up to 8.8lbs. Aluminum alloy is utilized extensively to take advantage of cast, forged and CNC machining techniques, all accentuated by an elegant series of robust surface treatments and a choice of five metallic color accents.

These stylish compact tripods are in stock at Camera West. Come by and pick out your favorite color to put under the Christmas tree. Gold star not included!

Holiday Gift Idea : For The Leica Fan

At Photokina this year, Leica introduced an incredible new book which assembles images representing the cultural phenomenon that is Leica Camera. This book, called ‘Ninety Nine Years Leica’, is limited to less than 1,500 copies in North America and is now available for purchase here at Camera West.

The press release from Leica:

“A company history, completely different: Ninety-nine years and on the way to becoming a living legend. Throughout the history of photography, the name Leica is linked to ‘vision and innovation’. Leica has not only made significant contributions in technical terms, but has influenced the content of photography as we know it. The new book, ‘Ninety Nine Years Leica’ by the Hamburg publisher 99pages is a fitting opulent tribute to this fact. After reading through its 300 pages, it is impossible to overlook that Leica is truly different and continues to call the photographic and intellectual shots. The book is neither a corporate chronology nor an album; it does not provide technical details, instructions nor statistics. It directs an emotional spotlight on 99 years of passion and enthusiasm for a small camera developed by Oskar Barnack in 1913/14. The book is not a tribute to the perfection of a product, but to the intensely emotive and legendary images that have been a part of our lives for almost a century.”

Happy Holidays from Camera West!

Camera West wishes you and your family the best this holiday season! Our staff can help you with that perfect gift – whether for yourself or that special someone on your list. Stop by or give us a call and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you with professional advice or a perfect gift suggestion.

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