Holiday Gift Idea : GorillaPods

The Joby GorillaPod is the perfect versatile tripod for the demanding, active photographer. The flexible, wrapable legs provide rock-solid stabilization on any surface and the integrated aluminum ball head (±90° tilt, 360° pan) enables precise positioning to capture professional-quality images without the size and weight of a traditional full-size tripod system. Whether you’re staging a last-second street portrait, shooting time-lapse photos or recording stable, shake-free video, the GorillaPod will keep your shots rock solid.

Available for point and shoots on up to full DSLRs at Camera West. Prices range from $19.95 to $99.95.

Holiday Gift Idea : Pelican Cases

People who demand absolute, impenetrable durability trust Pelican to safeguard their valuable camera equipment. Pelican cases have floated down the Zambezi River in Africa, been dropped out of helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan, tumbled down the Manaslu in Nepal, and passed every other imaginable test. Pelican manufactures the toughest airtight and waterproof protective cases on the planet and we have them in stock here at Camera West.

Holiday Gift Idea : Fine Printing Papers

Remember a time when to view photographs, you had to hold them in your hands? In these digital days, most of us view and share prints on a computer. But there’s great satisfaction to printing your favorite image on just the perfect paper that enhances your photo. When properly printed, matted, and framed, it becomes a true piece of art and by the way a beautiful holiday gift for someone special.

Here at Camera West we offer a variety of printing papers for both tray processing and inkjet printers. Ilford, Epson, Arches, Infinity, Moab, Hahnemuhle, Inkpress, Innova, Somerset are just a few of the brands we carry in a variety of sizes.

All Ilford paper is 25% off until the end of the year.

Holiday Gift Idea : Lens Cleaners

The above trio of products are all you need to keep your fine lenses in tip top optical cleanliness. The Giottos Rocket-Air ($13.95) is what we recommend you use first to blow any dust and debris off your lens element. Next is the Kimtech Kimwipes ($5.95) to help clean off any fingerprints or water drops. The Kimtech box holds 280 wipes. Lastly is the Eclipse Optic Cleaning Fluid ($9.50). Use this great cleaning solution for those stubborn stains on your lens.