Purchase the H6D-50c now and trade -up to the H6D-100c for the difference in price!


Purchase the H6D-50c now and trade -up to the H6D-100c for the difference in price! 

Purchase an H6D-50c between May 1 and Friday, May 27, 2016 at the standard price of $25,995 and you will have the option to trade-up that camera to the H6D-100c for $7,000, which is the difference in price.

Trade-up to the H6D-100c no later than Friday, September 30, 2016. After September 30, 2016, standard trade-up pricing applies, even if the original H6D-50c camera was purchased during the terms of the promotion.

Call or stop by Camera West for any questions.

Ending Soon: Hasselblad H5D-40 Savings

There has never been a better time to step up to a medium format digital camera than now. Digital imaging has made incredible strides in the last ten years, pushing the limits of detail, dynamic range and color rendition in ever more user-friendly packages. The spacious sensors and superb optics in medium format cameras like the H5D-40 allow for amazing quality and a beautiful three-dimensional look that is difficult or even impossible to achieve in 35mm formats.

Featuring a 40-megapixel CCD sensor at the core, fleshed out with a host of cutting-edge features and compatible with a full range of Hasselblad lenses, the H5D-40 has a place in any working pro or avid enthusiast’s bag. Hasselblad has been long regarded as one of the finest camera systems in the world for a good reason, and while supplies last the H5D-40 is available for the lowest price ever: $7,995 for the body or $9,995 with an 80mm lens. Call or stop by to order yours today.

Hasselblad Masters 2016 Competition

Camera West customer and friend Faran Najafi is one of the top 10 finalists in the architecture category of the Hasselblad Masters 2016 competition. Quite an honor considering the level of competition!

Check out the following link to sign up and view all the top images chosen by Hasselblad. The winning photograph in each category is voted on by the public, so If you like Faran’s image (seen above), be sure to vote for it!